The Hours

Virginia Woolf (Kidman) almost breakdowns again and leaves to go to London. Leonard Woolf (Dillane) catches her, they argue and Virginia threatens to kill herself if they don't move to London. Leonard gives in and they move. Richard Brown (Ed Harris) turns out to be the son of Laura and Dan Brown (Moore and Reilly). He remembers back to when Laura left him alone and cries. Richard breaks down and Clarissa Vaughn (Streep) shows up to convince him not to kill himself. He tells her he won't make it to her party and that he loves her, and then falls out of his window. Laura Brown hears about Richard and decides to visit Clarissa. Laura talks about how she did what no mother would do and that she is sad for outliving her entire family. Clarissa goes into her room and shares a passionate moment with Sally (Janney) her lover. The final scene returns to the opening scene where to spare Leonard the worry of her having another breakdown, Virginia commits suicide by walking into the river with rocks in her coat.

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Continuity mistake: When Laura comes down and her son and husband are having breakfast, there is a cup on the table on the opposite side of where her son is sitting. When it cuts to her husband saying, "Morning honey" the cup is gone. (00:11:10)


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Julia: You can't see that Louis Waters is weird?
Clarissa Vaughn: I can see that he's sad.
Julia: Well. All of your friends are sad.

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