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Corrected entry: After the flower shop scene with Clarissa we see Virginia writing. Although for the better part of the movie the make-up artists have done a fairly good job on Nicole Kidman's nose enlargement, the waxy whiteness of her nose makes it strangely obvious in this scene. (00:16:25)


Correction: It's not the nosejob that's obvious; it's just stark sunlit lighting that makes her look that way. No one would look good in that lighting; the nose just appears white because of the lighting. You are only focusing on the nose because it's known to be fake.

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Corrected entry: When Laura leaves Richie at Mrs. Latch's place he is carrying a red suitcase in his hands. Richie and Mrs. Latch look from the doorsteps how Laura drives off, and the suitcase isn't there anymore. This is seen best when he starts running after the car. (00:59:50)


Correction: Mrs. Latch opens the door, just as Laura begins walking away, and puts the box inside. Watch behind Laura while she's walking - Mrs. Latch moves toward the open door, attempting to lead Richie inside.

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Corrected entry: When Clarissa comes to see Richard for the first time, the proportion of white flowers in the bunch she is carrying goes down drastically when she enters the apartment. (00:17:55)


Correction: The large bundle of flowers Clarissa carries does not change in any way, from the time we see her cross the street until she opens the bundles and arranges the flowers in vases. The flowers are all very consistent throughout.

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Corrected entry: When Laura picks up Virginia Woolf's book from under the bedside table we see a close-up with four separate, parallelly arranged stacks of books. When the camera angle changes there are only three irregularly arranged stacks. (00:07:20)


Correction: There are only three stacks at all times during the scene. And there are still only three stacks later in the day, when Laura is lying on the bed again.

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Corrected entry: When Laura comes to pick up Richie from Mrs. Latch's we see him standing at the window, shouting "Mommy. Mommy.", with both hands touching the glass at the same level. When the old Richard remembers the scene a bit later into the movie, Richie has one hand high up and the other one down, while his voice sounds the same. (01:25:25)


Correction: One of the scenes is Laura's recollection, the other is Richard's. It's likely they will be slightly different.

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Correction: Meryl Streep is also wearing a scarf in that scene. When the necklace appears to be missing, it is behind the scarf. You can still see the chain.

Corrected entry: When Laura leaves after dropping Richie at Mrs. Latch's she is seen driving in her car for quite a while. When the camera cuts to Richie running after her she is still much closer than she should be. (00:59:50)


Correction: Mrs Latch's house is on a corner. Laura turns the corner in front of the house as she drives away. You can see in the background, through the windows of the car, that she's still relatively close to the boy as she makes this turn. He breaks away from Mrs Latch just as Laura completes the turn, making her still quite close to the house.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, in the scene where Virginia Woolf is going to the river, she puts a rock in a pocket of her coat. But when she walks into the river, her coat actually floats.

Correction: When she walks into the river only the lower part of the coat below the pocket floats.


Corrected entry: Right at the beginning of the film, when Woolf drowns herself and her body is seen floating underwater there is a shot of her shoeless. A second later her shoes are back on again, so she can 'poetically' lose them as she's dragged by the river's waters.

Correction: When she is seen floating in the water she still has her right shoe on, the one she loses in the next shot.


Corrected entry: In the middle of the movie, Mr Woolf enters the house only to find that Virginia has gone out. He removes his boots upon entering, but they are still on his feet when he runs out the door.

Correction: At the place where he takes off the boots we see already the regular shoes he is wearing in the house and when he leaves. We just don't see him putting them on, but there is no reason why he shouldn't have.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Virginia and Leonard are at the Richmond train station, Leonard's tie keeps changing position during the scene. The entire time he's standing talking to Virginia, his tie goes from skewed to the right side to being straight, and back and forth. The button second from the top on his shirt is also undone. When the two are sitting on the bench at the end of the scene, his tie is straight and the previously undone button is now buttoned.

Correction: I can't see a real problem with Leonard's tie. The knot sits firmly in the middle, only the tie itself shifts a little to the left off and on, which doesn't really qualify as a mistake. And when they sit on the bench the collar is unbuttoned as before.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Julianne Moore picks up her son from the babysitter's house toward the end of the movie, the boy looks like he is sitting in the backseat. A couple of seconds later we notice he is in the front seat.

Correction: In all shots on the way back Richie is seen sitting in the front seat.


Continuity mistake: When Virginia has kissed Vanessa she leans her forehead against Vanessa's forehead. When it cuts their heads are away from each other.


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Julia: You can't see that Louis Waters is weird?
Clarissa Vaughn: I can see that he's sad.
Julia: Well. All of your friends are sad.

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