25th Hour

Naturelle (Rosario Dawson) didn't betray Monty (Edward Norton), it was Kostya. Nikolai's goons take care of Kostya. Jacob keeps Doyle. Monty tells Frank to beat him up so he doesn't go to jail looking all "nice" and then becomes someone's bitch. Monty and his father are on their way to Otisville prison and Monty's dad starts talking about a "what if?" situation: that they keep on driving and Monty lives somewhere else, changes his name, gets a new job, starts over, sees Naturelle some time later, have children and raise a family, etc. The last scene is Monty and his father on their way somewhere... either to Otisville or some place where Monty can start over...

Dave Benioff

Visible crew/equipment: Monty and his father get into the car to go to the prison. When the father says "Them hooligans sure gave you a licking" a red mike appears at the top. (01:52:00)


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Jakob Elinsky: What do we say to him?
Frank Slaughtery: We say nothin'. The guy's going to hell for seven years, what are going do wish him luck?

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Trivia: In the scene where the DEA is searching the flat there is a cordless telephone from Bang & Olufsen (Beocom 6000), with the phone placed incorrectly on the base. The phone is located next to the stereo. The phone is placed with the keypad facing the camera and not away from it as it is supposed to. This is also indicated by the LED on the base which is red, indicating that the phone is not charging, the LED would have been green if the phone were placed correctly.

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Question: Wasn't the plan that Monty's father thought about actually bad, at the end? I mean, even if Monty started a new life far from New York and his friends and family and never got recognized, his father would be arrested when coming back to New York. Suddenly him and his father disappear and later on his father gets back to New York, a little bit suspect no?

Answer: Monty's father was suggesting they go into hiding together. He was not suggesting that he would take Monty out west and return to New York himself.


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