How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Corrected entry: When Ben and Andie are at the Knicks game, Andie asks Ben to bring her a Coke. He doesn't want to miss the game so he rushes. When he gets the Coke it is filled very high to the top, no ice. When Ben gives Andie the pop the pop level is about 2 inches lower and there is a straw. When did Ben have time to grab a straw?

Correction: As he runs back to the seat after being given the coke you can see him grabbing a straw

Corrected entry: In the scene after Andy and Ben meet they are eating sea food in a restaurant. Ben tells Andy he will give her three questions to get to know him. After he answers the first question she says "I still have one question". That only makes two. She never asks a third question.

Correction: Actually she says she wants to ask him a few questions, he says that it sounded too indefinite so he gives her a max of three. She never said how many questions she was going to ask and when she asks the final question she says, " I still have one last question" to let him know that was her last one.

Correction: No. She asked what does he do for a living, then made a cutesy remark "Saving the world one keg party at a time?" and then the final question, the true or false one. So they counted the comment as a question.

Corrected entry: When Andie sends Ben to get her a coke with no ice, he runs up to the concession stand and says, "Small coke no ice." Then the old man asks, "Does that mean, no you don't want ice or no you do want ice?" Then Ben says, "Small coke, no no ice." This would have made more sense if Ben would have said the double negative BEFORE the old man asked the question.

Correction: He asks for a coke no ice, then calls out "NO." because of the game. This somehwo confuses the old man, who then asks "Does that mean, no you don't want ice or no no you do want ice" and Ben responds that he just meant he didn't want ice. He would have had no reason to use the double negative if it weren't for the game.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Andie brings the dog to Ben's office, the dog is in her purse. As the shot changes to a side view of Andie and Ben, you can see a hand holding the purse so the dog won't jump out.

Correction: Actually there is no hand. Andie sets the purse down on the pool table and almost instantly the dog jumps out and everyone makes a sound because of it. And the dog ends up walking around on the pool table ending up peeing on it.


Corrected entry: On Andie's desk, she has a bunch of magazines. One is sticking out. It's a Cosmopolitan, not a Composure.

Correction: In the magazine industry, many people read other competing magazines so they know what sort of things to put in. It's kind of a background research thing.

Corrected entry: We know that Andie left her purse at Ben's apartment after the first date, and that she called her friends from his bathroom using her cell phone. However, in Ben's office when her purse gets knocked off the desk and its contents spill out over the floor, the cell phone is no where to be found. She couldn't have taken it with her the night before as she was wearing a skimpy dress with no pockets, and there was nothing in her hands as she walked to her cab.

Correction: When the purse was knocked over not everything fell out, for example his friend had to pull the knicks tickets the rest of the way out of the purse, it has a small opening it is safe to assume that the phone was to big/heavy to fall all the way out, and therefore stayed in the bag.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Andy leaves with Ben from the party she doesn't have her purse with her. Once she gets to his apartment, it suddenly appears so that she can leave it at his place.

Correction: She does have her purse. It's in her right hand when she is outside walking toward what she thinks is his car.

Corrected entry: Towards the beginning of the DeLauer's party, Ben offers to go get them drinks while Andie proceeds to "frost herself". After receiving Isadora, Andie ends up by a pillar near the bar where Ben is still getting the champagne. In the shots of Andie, you can see a glass of champagne and in several shots she is drinking it. Where did it come from if she is watching Ben at the bar, still getting the drinks?

Correction: A passing waiter holding a tray of champagne offers her a glass that she accepts therefore she gets her drink without Ben returning to the bar to get it.

Corrected entry: As Andie and Ben come out of the basketball game, Andie has one cup in her hand (although Ben got her two drinks), and Ben has none. When they are talking outside the cab, she hands him a cup. Just as she's about to get in the cab she reaches over as if she'd recieving something from the driver or off the seat. She says something along the lines of "Oh, here" then she hands Ben a mysterious second cup. Where did it come from?

Correction: Ben never got the second drink. He went out to get it and the game ended. That is why they were only carrying one drink. Secondly, if you watch their hands at the cab, Andie is holding the cup in her right hand. Ben takes it from her and both their hands are lowered to below camera angle. Right after that, you can see the rim of the cup at the bottom of the screen being held by Andie's left hand. That is when she gave it back to him.

Corrected entry: Andie puts all her pink frilly stuff in the bathroom, which includes a fluffy pink mat under the sink. The next scene shows Andie and Ben sitting down for dinner and the bathroom sink can be seen in the background with no mat underneath it. (00:42:07)

Correction: Actually it never shows Andie placing anything under the sink only under the toilet.


Corrected entry: If Andy left her purse at Ben's house, how did she pay for the taxi that she takes home?

Correction: Since she had this scenario planned in order to get him to call her back, it is reasonable to assume that she planned on having money in order to pay for the cab ride and get home.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ben is hosting a guy's evening, they start out by playing with blue/navy backed cards, which later on change to red backed cards. (01:01:00)

Correction: The guys are playing with two decks. You can see when they start a new game that they pass out the red cards from a new deck, having used the blue ones already. They are all on the table.

Tiffany Fife

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, McConaughey wears a wedding band on his ring finger. He is not married in the movie.

Correction: Not a mistake to wear a ring wherever you like - quite a few people wear a ring on the ring finger of their left hand despite not being married. No law against it.

Correction: It should also be noted that McConaugey wasn't married at the time of filming, so he certainly wasn't wearing a wedding ring.


A gold band is visible on his right ring finger in the scene in the bathroom at his family's house.

That is to say a ring on the ring finger, even on the left hand, doesn't constitute a wedding ring. It's just a ring. There have been instances when married actors don't take off their wedding rings for a film (or scene) which means the ring it's possibly not a character choice, but this wasn't the case for McConaugey.


Correction: No he doesn't. He always wears a ring on his right hand, not his left, where you would wear a wedding ring. Lots of guys wear a ring on their right hands.


Could be a family heirloom and have sentimental value. I wear my grandmother's ring on either ring finger, if it's not fitting on my middle! Darn knuckles... So, that's a logical possibility too.

Correction: This is not a mistake; he's just expressing surprise at a woman being called Andy, which is most commonly a man's name.

Corrected entry: On Ben and Andie's first date, they are seen eating lobster. But later on in the movie when Ben serves her lamb, she says she is a vegetarian.

Correction: And at the vegetarian restaurant she was going into the kitchen and eating meat. Andie was not a vegetarian. She was just saying this to annoy Ben after he had cooked a meal for her.

Correction: Plenty of vegetarians just eat fish. They are called pescatarians.


Correction: This is more of a fault on Benjamin... he didn't realise that she had eaten meat prior to their vegetarian date.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ben opens his medicine cabinet and sees all these ladies toiletries that Andie has put in, I know that it was just to scare Ben but why would Menocalm be in there or is Andie going through menopause extremely early? (00:57:43)

Correction: Like you said she did that just to freak him out. Guys don't like anything that could be a girly perscription or from the girly isle at a store. It's unlikely that she had a yeast infection either she just had the Vagisil there for the same reason.

Corrected entry: When Ben is on the fire escape saying goodbye to Andie after their first date, in the first shot, she doesn't have her purse. In the next shot, she has it in her hand. Then in the next shot, it is gone again. Then in the next scene, we find out she left it at his apartment on purpose.

Correction: She is not holding her purse after she leaves his apartment.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Andie is leaving NY for her job interview in DC, her cab crosses the Manhattan Bridge (this is evidenced by the parting shot which shows the Brooklyn Bridge as the next bridge down river). She is supposed to be going for a job interview in DC. Where is she going? The quickest and most economical way from NY to DC is AMTRAK (Penn Station - 34th and 7th). If she were flying (for whatever reason) the NY-DC shuttles leave from LaGuardia. And if she were going to LaGuardia, the Queens Midtown Tunnel or the Queensboro Bridge would have been the quickest routes.


Correction: There is NO way Amtrak is the quickest way from NY to DC (At least 3 hours). Flights are airborne for 39 minutes. You MIGHT take the Willamsburg or Manhattan bridges if you needed to get to KENNEDY airport, which often has lower last-minute fare prices to DC than LaGuardia.

Corrected entry: Ben shows Andie tickets to the 7th game of the NBA playoffs on the 9th day of their relationship. Tickets to the 7th game (which is scheduled for day 13 of their relationship) do not go on sale until after the conclusion of the 6th game of the series, which would not happen until the 11th day of their relationship. (01:24:50)

Correction: Most professional sports teams sell playoff tickets a couple of days before the ROUND starts. Therefore Finals tickets for Games 1, 2, 6, and 7 (obviously Games 3,4, and 5 are to be held at the other team's SAME DAY, which would be a couple of days before Game 1. A high-ranking person at a big Manhattan company would not have much trouble getting these tickets four days before the actual game.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Andie and Ben are riding the motorcycle and she is wearing a white tank top, you can see the outline of her bra. When they go back to his parents' house and Ben takes off Andie's tank top in the bathroom, she doesn't have a bra on.

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Ben: Hanging with her for 10 days is gonna be no problem.
Tony: Right. That's only nine days longer than you've ever spent with any other chick, huh?

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Trivia: Andie's two best friend's names in the movie - Jeannie and Michelle - are a nod to Jeannie Long and Michele Alexander, the two women who created the short novelty book the movie was based on.


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Question: Is there some significance that both Andie's and Ben's first and last initials are the same?

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