Darkness Falls

Corrected entry: The post-pubescent actor playing 10-year-old Kyle looks and sounds about 14 or 15 years old. Likewise, the actor playing 22-year-old Kyle looks at least ten years older than that.


Correction: A lot of people tend to look much older than they really are.

Corrected entry: Throughout the scene when Larry and Kyle are in the car, Larry refers to Kyle as Conner. You can even hear him scream Conner as he's being lifted into the air by the Tooth Fairy.

Correction: Larry's accent only makes it sound as if "Connor" is being said instead of "Kyle", especially when Larry screams while being dragged up a tree by an invisible being after a car wreck.

Corrected entry: The Tooth Fairy apparently only kills those who have seen her, but throughout the movie she kills several people who didn't see her at all, just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, after the lift scene, Caitlyn, Kyle, Michael, a doctor and a nurse run down the corridors where they meet another nurse. She is the next to be killed (snatched from behind, so she didn't even see the fairy then), even though she wasn't in the prior scene where everyone saw the fairy (and thus became a target). (Regardless if there is a deleted scene that offers an explanation, it is still a mistake within the actual film.)


Correction: Everyone who sees her is killed. Most of the one's who 'didn't' actually caught a glimpse of her, before she carried them off. As for the nurse, we didn't see her killed. It's possible the Tooth Fairy merely carried her off to scare the others, or to separate their group and make for easier targets. Also, just because we didn't see them when they saw the Tooth Fairy, it doesn't mean they didn't. As you said they were hiding in the hospital; it's possible they saw her there, and were protected by emergency lights.

Corrected entry: When Kyle and Kaitlyn kiss in the beginning, she wipes her mouth and says a first kiss shouldn't taste like blood. But it's a closed-lip kiss, and Kyle has no blood on the outside of his mouth.


Correction: Kaitlyn pulls her kiss away from Kyle because she does not want to open mouth kiss Kyle, for that would taste like blood. This is what she meant. To prove this, this was their 2nd close mouth kiss in that scene, so she couldn't call this kiss the first kiss anyway.

Corrected entry: When the main characters are escaping from the Tooth Fairy in a police car they are worried about finding a flashlight because the Tooth Fairy is allergic to light. Don't vehicles have interior lights?

Correction: Yes, but the lights may not be working or be very bright. Also with many cars when the doors are fully closed the interior light stays off until the doors are opened again.

Corrected entry: The hospital is on emergency power yet an elevator is completely operational including the lights in the shaft and elevator cars ceiling lights. (00:57:30)

Correction: Many buildings use emergency power for their elevators and the lights inside them so that if there's anyone inside them when the power goes out, the people can still go down to get out of the building or if there are people who aren't fit to go down many flights of stairs, they have the option of still taking the elevator. I know my apartment building does and so does my office building.

Corrected entry: If you look closely at the Tooth Fairy's mask during far away camera shots and close up camera shots during certain scenes, you can see that her mask covers her whole face from afar then up close her mask covers half of her face.

AzN InVasian

Correction: On the DVD commentary it states that part of the mask shatters in the police station, when Matt was shooting at her. From that point on, the mask it broken around her left eye.

Corrected entry: If the kerosene dripping out of the lamp and spreading all over the floor got caught on fire, how come the fire was barely larger then a campfire and only lasted a few minutes? Kerosene burns and spreads quickly. The whole lighthouse should have burned down before Kyle, Michel and Kat got out.

Correction: Kerosene is actually quite difficult to set on fire, unlike petrol for example. What is dangerous is kerosene vapour but that only poses a threat when there isn't enough air for it to diffuse into, and in this case there was so it's unlikely a huge fire could have started.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: Ok, the ghost can only appear in the dark. So why does she suddenly appear right in front of the lighthouse lamp after it is lit? She knows the light will kill her, and she chooses when to appear or not - so this just doesn't make sense.

Correction: The ghost has already been defeated by the lighthouse at this point. She is now only vulnerable to fire.

Corrected entry: When the characters are in the lighthouse, Kyle states that he smells gas. When the fire is made, wouldn't the lighthouse explode if the room was filled with gas?

Correction: It depends on the kind of gas. If he meant gasoline, no. If he meant natural gas, it depends on the quantity. He could have also meant a variety of other non-explosive gases.

Corrected entry: The little boy who apparently just loses his last tooth is too young. It's nice to have a cute kid, but he's no older than eleven, and not overly developed for his age. He's too young to have lost his last tooth.

Correction: I lost my last tooth by the time I was nine. I know others who haven't lost theirs till they were fifteen. There's no rule as to how old or young a person is to lose their last tooth.

Corrected entry: After Larry and Kyle hit the hardware store for supplies, they're getting into Larry's car and Kyle says it is 5:37, almost sunset. The sun is still bright in the sky. A few seconds later they drive by a sign that says they are leaving Darkness Falls and it is pitch dark. Either it's a really, really big town or they made an hour long pit stop somewhere.

Correction: If you pay attention the sun goes down gradually while they're talking in the car. I guarantee that it was suppose to be obvious that time went by without them having to show you every minute of their drive.

Corrected entry: When Kyle is arrested and is being questioned, the police officer takes 4 bottles of tablets off the table. But when he places them in front of Kyle he only has 3 bottles.

Correction: That's not true. He picked up 3 bottles because he picked them up in a triangular shape.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie when the three main characters are in the light house and they are at the top about to turn it on, there is a broken kerosene lantern that produces a good amount of light protecting them from the old woman's spirit. The light is slowly going away and getting closer to fading out. If you watch when the light is going around the wall you can see the shadow of the old woman. Since light has to be hitting an object for it to cast a shadow how is it that she can cast a shadow if she cannot go into the light?

Correction: Any image we see is made of light rays bouncing off the object entering our eyes. Because you have to see the Tooth Fairy in order for her to be after you, it can be argued that she can tolerate a small amount of ambient light.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, in the lighthouse when Kaitlyn and Michael are at the top of the lighthouse, lightning flashes constantly, making the light from the flare Michael is holding practically invisible. How is it that the Tooth Fairy can withstand the light from the lightning but cannot enter the circle of light given off by that little flare?

Correction: It's not the strength, it's the persistence. The lightning is strong but over quickly, while the flare is sustained. It hurts more to hold a lit candle under your arm for a minute than to put your hand in a 400F oven for a split second.

Corrected entry: In the hospital scene, why does one light go out, and then another? If the emergency power had ran out, wouldn't all the lights go off at the same time?

Correction: Not if they each are powered by their own internal battery. In this case, they would all have approximately the same amount of operating time, but wouldn't all go out at the same time.

Correction: Not everybody loses all their teeth when they're young. I'm 20 and I still have one left.

Corrected entry: In the shot were the young boy's sister is reading the fairy tale book, she reads that light will kill the "Tooth fairy" when the camera scrolls by the words on the page, you can see that the line is, "Damned soul" but when she reads she clearly said "Wicked soul".

Correction: Most parents will read different words to a child that are printed, it is called "internal editing". Instead of saying damned she says wicked instead, a term that most children can understand.

Corrected entry: Throughout the whole movie, the evil tooth fairy is casting shadows in order to scare the characters and the viewers, now, since the tooth fairy can't be in light, how can she be casting a shadow?

Correction: If you listen to the commentaries included on the DVD, you will hear the director say that the shadows made by the tooth fairy are actually her. She is the shadow and travels in them.

Corrected entry: It is very strange that they don't have power in the hospital because all hospitals must have backup power - a generator for those people on ventilators.

Correction: This is a Psychiatric hospital. They do not handle that type of care.


Continuity mistake: When Kyle is driving the car with the windshield smashed out, his hair is not moving at all.

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Kyle: I see you, bitch.

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Trivia: The Tooth Fairy in Darkness Falls looks completely different from what was originally made. The studio had to go back and re-film and make The Tooth Fairy look less scary. Heres a website that shows what she originally looked like. http://www.spawn.com/toys/product.aspx?division=toys&category=movies&series=mm5&product=toothfairy

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