Carry On Cleo
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Julius Caesar: I've cleaned up this city. Have you forgotten my slogan? 'Nihil expectore in omnibus' - no spitting on the public transport.


Julius Caesar: Tony.
Mark Antony: Julie! I caught you with your toga up.
Julius Caesar: Oh yes, I'm sorry I've caught something, one of these local things I can't seem to shake off. It's called "a-stinking-cold".


Mark Antony: All right, look here Marcus.
Spencius: No, no, I'm Spencius. 'S my brother what's Marcus. We're in partnership now, you know. Marcus and Spencius.


Seneca: Ooh, Arab eh? I've heard they're intense lovers.
Mark Antony: Well naturally, they do everything in tents.

Bilius: I'm sorry Caesar but for the good of Rome, you must die.
Julius Caesar: But you're my personal bodyguard and champion gladiator, I don't want to die! I may not be a very good live emperor but I'd be a worse one dead.

Bilius: Caesar, there is a messenger here without.
Julius Caesar: I'm not surprised, if we stay here much longer we'll all be without.

Horsa: If anyone in there asks who we are, say we're eunuchs.
Hengist Pod: Yeah. What have we got to lose?

Brutus: The senate are worried about matters in the east, the affairs involving Ptolemy and Cleopatra.
Julius Caesar: Are they having an affair? Oh do tell.

Revealing mistake: Near the beginning, Hengist and Horsa are watching a young cave couple dragging each other around. Hengist is pouring Horsa a drink and you can see him pour, raise the jug, then Horsa takes a sip from his cup. All this time it is patently obvious that no liquids are in the vessels.

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Trivia: Caesar's line, "Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!" is frequently voted among the funniest lines in British comedy. It has also been voted the all-time funniest one-liner in a film.

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