The Life of David Gale

Factual error: The movie leaves the impression that Huntsville, Texas and Austin, Texas are just a short distance apart. In reality, they are at least three hours apart.


Factual error: When Bitsey enters the prison for the first time, the sign reads in Spanish "Cierre la puerta fuerta." It is misspelled, it should read "fuerte." The word "fuerta" doesn't exist.

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Factual error: At the end when Kate Winslet receives the Fed Ex box she opens it easily from the end. Fed Ex boxes have pull tabs that you pull to open, and if you decide you want to open the box at the end it is not as easy as she made it look.

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Factual error: When David is reading the e-mail about his son's custody sent by his wife, the date reported on is Tuesday, 8 Oct 1994. However, that day was a Saturday. (00:48:39)

Continuity mistake: When Bitsey is checking the videotapes at Dusty's house, the last tape, the one with the red label, falls over when she grabs the second last. As she puts the second last tape in the VCR the last tape is seen standing again. She then searches for any more tapes, but never checks the last tape.

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David Gale: Death is a gift.

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Trivia: Bitsey and the intern are staying at the Randolph Motel. Randolph is the last name of the writer of the movie.

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Question: Where did the money come from that was sent to David Gale's wife?

Answer: The money was from the magazine that paid Gale for his story.

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