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Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom and Sarah are in France, Tom is trying to fit the American plug in the European socket, the electricity goes out and all of the hotel is in darkness. How come Tom and Sarah's room is perfectly well lit?

Correction: At the start of that scene we see the windows in that room and it is extremely bright outside.


Corrected entry: When Ashton Kutcher wakes up and shouts "Honey, our plane leaves in one hour", Brittany Murphy's hair is curly. However, in the next scene when they are on the plane, her hair is straight. She wouldn't have been able to straighten her hair in that time.

Correction: Not nescesarily, my hair is quite wavy and very thick but it only takes a couple of minutes to straighten, if she really cared enough about having straight hair she would be able to do it.

Corrected entry: When Tom and Wendy go up to Tom's room, Wendy forces him onto the bed, takes her top and bra off and chucks them both away. When Tom tells Wendy he is on his honeymoon, she gets angry and goes to pick up her top and bra. You can see her grab her top and you can also see her red bra being picked up. But later when Sarah comes in after kissing Peter, she FINDS the red bra, which was picked up by Wendy.

Correction: Wendy grabs her one red slinky shoe, not the red bra - the red bra remains at the chair. Then as she wears the other red shoe, she stomps unevenly out of Tom's hotel rooom.

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Corrected entry: Tom gets hit in the eye by a heavy ashtray. It leaves a large, visible purple mark, yet for the rest of the movie, there is no sign of an injury, not even a small bruise.

Correction: The ashtray leaves a reddish bruise, not a large visible purple one, on his right cheek near his eye. The bruise is there in the jail, airport and airplane.

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Corrected entry: In the scene right after Tom sees Sarah kiss her ex boyfriend from the balcony, Sarah and Tom are arguing in their room. In one shot, you don't see the red bra (the girl from the bar's) on the chair in the background, next shot it's there.

Correction: Wendy's red bra is seen hanging on the chair in every shot showing that particular chair.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Tom is playing football on the beach with his friends (before the two meet), it shows Sarah walking with her dog in a pink sweater. Then it cuts to a different angle and shows her in the background without the dog and in a darker sweater. Then, when the football is about to hit her, she has the dog and first sweater back.

Correction: The woman in the background as Kyle is tackled onto the sand is not Sarah, she is just a woman walking on the beach wearing a short sleeve red shirt, big hat, and shorts. Sarah wears a light pink sweater with long sleeves and has Bags, her dog, on the leash in every single shot that is shown of her.

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Corrected entry: When Tom is holding the poker stick and threatening Peter, you know they're on floor three from the scene in the lift before, but when Peter runs out the room and down only one set of stairs, he ends up on the ground floor.

Correction: Yes the room is on the third floor, but it is not necessary to see Tom chase Peter down the entire staircase, so we see Tom chase Peter down the last flight of stairs to the ground floor. So thats right, he runs from third floor to ground floor.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom and Sarah are on the plane on their way to Europe for their honeymoon, Tom and Sarah are talking. Tom has 1 piece of tissue up his nose. Switch to Sarah, now switch back to Tom. He now has 2 pieces of tissue up his nose.

Correction: It is somewhat difficult to see, but there is, without a doubt, one piece of tissue in each of Tom's nostrils. It is most visible just before he sips from the champagne glass.

Corrected entry: When the girl leaves Tom and Sara's room in Italy after jumping on Tom, she takes her red bra with her (she slings it over her soulder while holding her shirt over her front), yet later in the movie, Sara finds the bra and confronts Tom.

Correction: This was actually her purse and her red shoe (she was wearing one) being thrown over her shoulder, not the red bra.

Revealing mistake: When Sarah is leaning over Tom to speak to Yuan on the intercom at the McNerney gate, Yuan is looking at the monitor in the kitchen. The monitor shows the car and there is a person wearing a white shirt sitting in the passenger seat of Tom's car. It can't be Sarah, who was sitting in the passenger seat, but now is leaning over Tom in the driver's seat, plus she is wearing a red coat. (00:03:20)

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Tom: Okay, whatever. Listen, you get guests here from all over the world, it's up to you to have some American on your signs.
Sarah: He means English.

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Trivia: In the scene where Tom and Sarah have a funeral for their dog, they are actually wearing their own clothes. The original scene was too elaborate so they re-shot the whole funeral in their own clothes.

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