Carry On Up the Jungle

Trivia: In the scene involving Terry Scott's "Tarzan" character at the waterfall, the first take of this shot was ruined when Terry Scott's "manhood" fell out of his loincloth, leaving Mr. Scott a little bit more exposed than the script called for. Producer Peter Rogers was later quoted as saying, "If I'd known THAT was going to make an appearance, I'd have put make-up on it."


Trivia: This marked Kenneth Connor's return to the series. His last film had been "Carry On Cleo" in 1964.


Trivia: Producer Peter Rogers originally wanted to call this film "Carry On Tarzan", but was unable to obtain the legal rights to use the name "Tarzan."

Trivia: The role of the Jungle Boy (portrayed by Terry Scott) was originally intended for Carry On regular Jim Dale.

Trivia: Charles Hawtrey plays Terry Scott's father in the movie, even though he was only 12 and a half years his senior.

Trivia: Even though Joan Sims plays Terry Scott's mother, she was three years his junior in real life.

Trivia: Second "Carry On" film not to feature Kenneth Williams. He was originally offered the role of Professor Tinkle but turned it down as it clashed with his TV show. Williams was then offered the role of Walter Bagley, which he turned down as being too small.

Continuity mistake: When the jungle boy says "woman" to June, he points to his chest and puts his hand to the ground. In the next shot, he is pointing to his chest again.

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Prof. Inigo Tinkle: I'm flabbergasted! My gast has never been so flabbered.

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