Catch Me If You Can

Audio problem: Frank's mother spills some wine on the carpet, but the you can hear the sound one or two seconds before she actually did it. (00:12:00)

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Frank's mother spills red wine on the carpet the stain shifts altogether once the next shot shows his parents dancing. (00:12:00)

Factual error: When the family is leaving the home they had just sold, the shingles on the roof are laminate shingles which were not invented until the 1970's. And that particular style was not developed till the 1990's. (00:16:20)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Frank's parents have been informed of their son's impersonation of a French teacher, Frank is seen through the window of the office. At this point, when he flashes a cheesy grin, his hair is a mess - presumably to remind us that he is still only a young, cheeky schoolboy. However, upon his parents leaving the office, Frank's hair is perfectly styled again in a neat side parting. (00:21:30)

Continuity mistake: When Frank's parents are meeting with his principal after he pretends to be a teacher his mother is smoking a cigarette and is exhaling smoke, but when she looks at Frank there is no smoke at all in the air. (00:21:30)

Continuity mistake: When Frank's parents are meeting with the principal, you can see Frank through the open blinds. When they leave the office the blinds are closed. (00:21:30 - 00:22:25)


Continuity mistake: When Frank Jr. Is getting fitted for his pilot's uniform (because he lied and said he lost his other one), after the tailor finishes and tells him the cost, there are only two rank bars on his sleeves. Then, when he walks out in the uniform, there are three bars on the sleeves. Considering he says he lost his uniform in his first week as a copilot, he wouldn't have been given an extra bar before leaving. (00:34:35)

Factual error: In the street scene after Frank buys his airline uniform, he crosses the street in front of two buses. Behind one of the buses you can see a Federal Express truck. The movie is set in 1964; FedEx began operations in 1973; the FedEx logo on the truck was introduced in 1994. (00:35:20)

Factual error: When Carl explains the check system to the other police officers, they show a map of the USA with Kansas City in Nebraska instead of Kansas, and Boston in Maine instead of Massachusetts. The next time the map was shown, the cities are at the good place and the shades of gray are different. (00:43:20)

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Frank Jr. gives car keys in a small gift box to his dad in a restaurant, his dad puts the car keys back into the small gift box and places it on the table in front of Frank. In the next few shots the gift box is sometimes completely closed and sometimes a little bit open (as if the keys got stuck in between). (00:46:05)

Continuity mistake: When Frank Abagnale Sr. unwraps the gift of car keys from Frank Abagnale Jr., he places the yellow ribbon on his right side, on the table. In the next shot, it is lying on the left side. (00:46:05)

Other mistake: In the scene where Frank is watching the Bond film: turn on subtitles. You will notice that when Bond says "Tell me Jill, why does he do it?", the subtitles read "Tell me Joan, why does he do it?". (00:57:05)

Factual error: When we see Leo's yearbook photo close-up, the image isn't half-toned as it would have been at the time. Instead, it's printed using error diffusion dithering, a computer technique not available at the time. (01:00:25)

Revealing mistake: In the Atlanta party scene, we are supposed to believe it starts with a single long take. However there is a sneaky edit when Frank crosses the threshold of the room. He emerges at a slighty quicker pace and his hair is suddenly messed up. (01:10:35)

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Suggested correction: There is nothing obvious in this scene that supports this. When he emerges on the other side, he bumps into his friend so suddenly that you can't tell if he was walking at a different pace. The reason his hair is messed up is because he bumps into his friend. He then yells at his friend, jerking his head around as he does so, which messes up his hair even further, which can be seen.


Even if it were true, it wouldn't qualify as a mistake. The shot may be intended to appear as a single shot, but that doesn't mean it's a mistake if it isn't.

Jason Hoffman

Factual error: The nurse in the hospital wearing braces has the stick on braces, which were not available at that time. The only type available had wrap around bands. (01:11:30)

Factual error: On the letter from Frank Jr. to Frank Sr. with the Atlanta return address, the stamp used had not yet been issued by the date of postmark (September 12, 1965). The stamp, the sheet version of the 5-cent "unshaven" George Washington (Scott Catalogue No. 1283), was not issued until February 22, 1966. (01:19:26)

Continuity mistake: When Frank meets with his wife-to-be's mother and father, it's night time. When Frank and the father are talking after dinner, it is light out, but the characters are in the same outfits. (01:22:30 - 01:31:25)

Factual error: When Frank Jr. is watching Mitch Miller with Brenda's family, there is no bouncing ball on the words on the screen like there was on the actual show. (01:31:20)

Continuity mistake: During the wedding, when Frank says to Brenda that they have to go, the amount of checks changes during the scene. (01:39:40)

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Carl comes to the engagement party to arrest Frank, it is so windy that when the window in the bedroom is left open, money is flying all around. However, the shots of the party outside show a calm night with no wind at all. (01:41:20)

Paula Abagnale: Just tell me how much he owes and I'll pay you back.
Carl Hanratty: So far, it's about 1.3 million dollars.

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Trivia: The real Frank Abagnale Jr. was held in the French prison (Perpignan's House of Arrest) for approximately six months. His term was shortened from twelve months. When released (extradited to Sweden), he was ill because he had been forced to live in a damp, dark cell, naked and allowed only bread and water. In Sweden where he was tried and convicted he was kept in a comfortable Swedish prison. However, upon completion of his prison term in Sweden, he was next to be extradited to Italy. The Swedish government believed in prison reform and was afraid of the treatment he would receive in an Italian prison. As a result, Sweden revoked Frank's passport so it could intentionally have him extradited to the U.S. Once in the US, he was protected and couldn't be tried in the foreign countries where he perpetrated his fraudulent schemes. The book about his life contains a more accurate depiction than the film and was written 10 years prior to its release.

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Question: What is the name of the airport that is featured during the ending scene in which Carl is following Frank and tells him "Nobody's chasing you" ? Or at least, what airport is it supposed to be?


Chosen answer: It is not mentioned, though it is likely Reagan (at the time Washington National) or Dulles, as they both work in Washington DC.

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