Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Corrected entry: The TX uses clothes (or copies their form) from the lady in the parked car. Then later we can see repeatedly that she is wearing the lady's earrings. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see the TX, a lethal killing machine, putting in earrings. It's a waste of time and the clothes will make her blend in anyway.


Correction: Since she's not stealing the clothing, but rather replicating it, why wouldn't she replicate the earrings too? It's not like it would take any extra effort.

Corrected entry: When the female terminator arrives at the animal hospital we hear the glass from the front door breaking. When Catherine escapes through the same doors, there is no broken glass. The female terminator then walks through the same doors and the door on the left shows the broken glass that looks like it's been cut out.


Correction: What you hear is the glass that she cut out break when it's dropped on the floor, not the door itself.


Corrected entry: When the T-X shoots the teenager at the fast food restaurant, there is a passenger seat between her and the window. When going through a drive-through, the driver's seat is closest to the pick-up window.

Correction: Not true. This happens with fast food places that have multiple drive up windows (e.g. Checkers in the USA)


Corrected entry: When the Terminator opens the casket of Sarah Connor it is filled to the top with weapons. In the next scene the Terminator is carrying the casket on his shoulder with John Connor inside. The casket is put inside the back of a hearse and driven away. In one of the following scenes John Connor (outside of the casket) and the open casket are shown in the same shot and the casket is filled with weapons; there is no indication that it was filled back up with weapons after John Conner got out. There would be no way that he could have fit inside the casket with all of the weapons as well.

Correction: There is plenty of room for John Connor to be hidden in the top of the casket on top of all the weapons - the top is curved.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Terminatrix travels back from the future she is naked and proceeds to first find some clothes (and a vehicle). However, later in the film her clothes change as part of her appearance when she changes forms. If the same mechanism, which governs the look and shape of her skin and body, is also capable of emulating clothing, then why did she travel to the past naked to begin with? (Aside from the obvious visual benefits).

Correction: The T-1000 could also emulate clothing with the shape-shifting abilities, but only clothing that it has touched. It cannot create clothing, so I would think T-X functions the same in that department.

Corrected entry: Inside the military base, the TX takes on the form of Catherine in order to fool Catherine's father. At that point, the TX still hadn't come into physical contact with Catherine, so it would have been impossible for the transformation to occur.

Correction: Yes, The TX had come into physical contact with Catherine just after John Conner was thrown into the dog cage. The TX chases her outside, pulls her out of the car, and stands on her throat while interrogating...direct, physical contact.

Corrected entry: The Terminator explains to John Connor that he is powered by 2 hydrogen-cells. In Crystal Peak the Terminator uses his second and last one to blow up himself and the Terminatrix. How can the Terminator still hold the Terminatrix and say "You are terminated" when he already stuffed his second and last energy-cell down her mouth?

Correction: One word: capacitors.

Corrected entry: The TX cuts through the particle accelerator with its inbuilt saw, but the machine was on. This was trapping it and the liquid metal, making it unable to move. Somehow it is able to activate the saw without that too being caught by the magnetic field. Not to mention it was able to hold the entire saw completely steady while activating it.

Lummie Premium member

Correction: It was still activated so it should be able to use its tools still. Could be the saw was mostly made up of titanium or aluminum which is not (or hardly) affected by the magnetic field of the accelerator and thus still usable.


Corrected entry: This is one shot that is in all 3 movies. When Arnold gets on a motorcycle there is a shot of his foot. As the shot continues you see the camera pan up as Arnold turns around on the bike. (00:30:40)

Correction: This is a very obvious gimmick and shouldn't be considered trivia.

Corrected entry: John Connor, the damaged Terminator and Kate suddenly appear from the elevator inside her father's black/top secret lab right as the TX attacks. They have no ID badges on, which would have drawn challenges in a secure/classified government facility. There is no indication in the lab that a security breach has occurred when they appear, and no MPs chasing them. So John, Kate and the Terminator did not shoot their way into the lab, either. There is no way security/MPs would have allowed John and the Terminator in the facility in the first place, let alone Kate without notifying her father first.

Correction: This is explained in the novel. Kate, John, and the T-850 are stopped at the gate, and Kate explains that the T-850 is her fiance, and that John is their best man. She also says that her father is expecting her, which he is. The guards say that Robert Brewster is busy, but they will let her in. They send her over to the reception area to get signed in. All this is fully compatible with what we see on-screen.

Corrected entry: When the T-X meets Catherine in the graveyard disguised as her fiance, she turns back into the T-X right in front of her. Not only is this a breathtakingly stupid idea - obviously done purely to meet the plot requirement that Kate learn about the terminators.

Moose Premium member

Correction: Not necessarily true. She'd gotten close enough to kill Kate, had the others not intervened. And she would probably be more powerful in her true form - I doubt that she could form her primary weapons from somebody else's hand without turning that hand into her own hand first. And if she does that, she's showing her true form anyway, so it was simpler to just turn back into her self.


Corrected entry: When TX goes after the fast food kid relatively early on, we see from across the street that she guns him down. We hear the bullets being fired from across the street. Then why can we see two people in the kitchen area sitting down about ten metres away from where the body fell, looking perfectly relaxed and trouble free, even when the screaming starts?

Correction: Having lived in L.A. for a year and a half, I am only half joking when I tell you this is quite feasible. Gunfire, bloodshed and mayhem in L.A.? Big deal. In some areas of L.A. you'd have to strafe the streets from a jet fighter to get a reaction - they are that used to it.

Corrected entry: When the T-850 is confronting the T-X in the military compound, when she tries to assassinate the Lt. General, he made a rather poor choice of weapon, an assault rifle, especially when the coffin was filled to the brim with the good stuff.


Correction: This is hardly a mistake at all, especially not a plot hole. The Terminator was in an enclosed military facility. Using heavy, destructive weapons would've been useless, because the Terminator would've caused more damage to the facility and potentially himself and John and Kate. He chose the right weapon given the situation. Plus, he used a great deal of weaponry against the other machines.

Corrected entry: The cops and firefighters find the T-850 in the middle of a major crime scene, and don't think twice that he happens to be holding a large gun? In fact, Arnold not only gets up, but walks around with the gun, and not one cop thinks to ask what he is doing there, and no one tells him to drop the gun. One cop on a motorcycle is so oblivious he speeds on by, only to be knocked off by the T-850.

Correction: All the cops were distracted because their cars just drove away by themselves and a beautiful woman drove a giant crane through the scene. A man walking around with a gun was the least of their concerns.

Corrected entry: TX may be able to gain control of computerized devices, but driving a car remotely is ridiculous. How does she shift it from park into drive? How does she steer? Driving a car is a mechanical process. If the car itself was already equipped with a computerized remote device, and she gained control of THAT, she could do it, but that's not the case. Remote control of a normal car goes beyond "controlling machines" - it's more like telekinesis.


Correction: Driving a car maybe a mechanical process, but it still not impossible for the T-X to remotely control them. The T-850 says she use "nano-technology" to control machines, but he does not explain in detail. This leaves the possibility that she uses small nanobots to take over the mechanical devices within the car in order to steer, shift gears, etc. She may not be controlling the car directly but she could control the nanobots which do. Come on, use your imagination.

Corrected entry: How does the T-X know to find Catherine at the veterinary clinic at 5:30 AM? Wouldn't she have gone to her home to search for her at that hour? Catherine was only there because she was called out for an unexpected emergency.

Correction: She was being systematic. She located the first target at his job at the fast food place. She probably thought to check the Veterinary clinic first. Time is irrelevant to Terminators. It is unlikely that she actually considered the possibility that 5:30 a.m. was too early for work.

Corrected entry: The Terminatrix drives the FBI car from the back seat, steering through the agent's chest, but who is stepping on the gas, and brake?

Correction: Since she can extend her hands to steer the wheels, she could also extend her legs under the driver's seat to step on the gas and the brake.

Corrected entry: The terminator TX arrives from the future in a women's clothing store window, and yet her first task is go searching for clothing.

Correction: For all we know, she may have classified the clothing in that store as unsuitable, like Arnie did, so went looking elsewhere.

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Continuity mistake: When John and Catherine are in the hangar at the runway, the Cessna's tail number is N3035C. When the plane is shown in the air, the number is N3973F. When they land, the tail number has changed back to N3035C. (01:22:25 - 01:25:50)

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Trivia: When John turns on the magnetic field, the equipment he uses to turn up the power is the throttle of the Saitek X45 with a Cyberdyne plate over the base. (01:22:55)

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Question: In the second Terminator movie, the Terminator says that he can't self-terminate. When the Terminator is trying to defeat T-X, he manages to destroy himself and her in the process. If the Terminator couldn't self-terminate in the second movie, how come the new one could?

Answer: The difference there would be suicide vs sacrifice. In T2, basically what he meant is he could not commit suicide as it was against his programming. They had beat the T-1000 and had won, but it was too dangerous for Terminator to stick around and knew he had to be destroyed. But he could not purposely do it to himself as it was an act of suicide. However in T3, it was a sacrificial move. The goal of his actions was not to destroy himself, it was to take out the TX and prevent her from reaching John. He had to do this by any means necessary and made a sacrifice play by shoving his core into her mouth and blowing them both up. It wasn't suicide this way, it wasn't self termination. He was taking her out but caused himself to be collateral damage.

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Also, after watching that scene again, I'm adding this little tidbit. The Terminator didn't actually die from the thing he did to the TX in that move. If you notice towards the end after the nuclear bombs go off, the fall out ash is falling down around its head and its eyes are still on, slowly fading away. It was badly damaged by its move, but the bombs in the end finished him off.

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Answer: For me, T2 was a lot about machines being able to learn so in T3 when he managed to shut himself down it was because he had learned compassion and not to be just a machine following orders as well as understanding how vital it was that John survived.


Answer: If you listen in the second film, I don't remember if it was cut out of the theatrical film and put back in the extended version or not, John and Terminator are in the desert looking at the guns Terminator says "I have to stay functional until the missions is complete." Once the T1000 is dead Terminator had no other reason to function and thus sacrificed himself. In this film he knows the fuel cell would destroy the TX once that happened his mission was completed and no longer had any real reason to function anyone.

That can't be the case, because by the end of T2 his mission was complete, and he still couldn't self terminate.

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