Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Corrected entry: When the T-X rips off the door of the Toyota Tundra, the vehicle is completely static. The force of the door being ripped off would cause the suspension of the vehicle to rock.

Correction: Not if the force applied was so strong that the hinges tore almost instantly. Think about the trick where a table cloth is removed from under the dishes on the table. If the cloth is pulled very slowly, all the dishes move with the cloth and fall off the table. The faster the cloth moves, the quicker the connection between the dishes and the cloth (static friction) is severed and the less the dishes move. If enough force was applied to the door, the hinges could have torn before the truck started to move. Of course, this much force would more likely tear the door apart.

Corrected entry: In the Skynet command center, one of the staff says that Skynet is operating at "60 teraflops per second." A teraflop is a trillion operations per second - the figure should be simply "60 teraflops." Surely a Skynet techie should know the meaning...

Correction: So why do computer techies constantly refer to networks adapters as NIC cards (NIC stands for Network Interface Cards) It's a common thing in the computer industry to speak redundantly.

Corrected entry: Each Terminator weighs about a ton, so there are several things that wouldn't make much sense: First, a terminator wouldn't be able to drive a car, because it would break down immediately. Second, a terminator wouldn't be able to fly a helicopter or a plane. Third, a terminator couldn't sit down on a chair, and so on and so forth. All those things, however, happen in the movie and it never seems to be a problem.

Correction: If a Terminator weighs about 400 pounds then it would fit with most things we see, ie. the fireman couldn't budge the T-101 at the vet clinic. It could fly a chopper or drive a car and still be within the weight limit. I also don't believe we ever see the Terminator sit on anything other than a bed or car seat. Also if they weighed a ton, then it would be simple to beat them. Just lead it into a swamp or deep mud.

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Corrected entry: The T-X has an inner frame surrounded by liquid metal. How could it copy Scott who is noticeably shorter than Kritanna Lokken? This is addressed as a special effect issue in the special features. It doesn't explain how it fits with the plot.

Correction: Given that the internal frame is able to reconfigure to form weapons, it seems like it should be a relatively simple matter to alter basic physical parameters like height, particularly as the required range of human heights isn't actually that large.

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Corrected entry: When John is talking to Catherine when they are switching vehicles, she is sitting in the passenger seat crying. You can see her tears rolling down her face. The camera angle changes to John and then back to her again and her face is completely dry.


Correction: This isn't really true. Tears often seem to disappear after they have rolled down someone's face. This is especially prevalent with Claire Daines, as this is not the only time in the movie, or the only movie in fact, where it appears that her face is dry. Tears typically tend to seem like they've disappeared once they dry on someone's face, but they're still there.


Corrected entry: It seems a bit strange that the T-850 arrives from the future with no battle damage. Later in the film we learn that that terminator hunted down and killed John Connor in the future, and then was captured and reprogrammed by Claire Danes. If Connor was the leader of the human resistance then he would be heavily guarded and the terminator would have sustained at least some minor damage trying to find/kill him and i doubt that tech-com would own a flesh regenerator to fix him all up before sending him to the past.

Correction: In Terminator 2, when Sarah Connor is pulling the slugs out of the Terminator's back, she asks 'Will these heal up?' to which the Terminator replies 'Yes'. It's probable to assume that if they did do any damage to it, they waited for the flesh to heal. There is no real indication of how much time passed between Connor's assassination and the T-850's reprogramming. They also could have captured it, or used EMP's to temporarily disable it while they reprogrammed it.


Corrected entry: When Catherine is talking to her dad who is dying she starts crying, but when the camera switches back to her from her dad there are no tears, her face is completely dry.


Correction: This isn't really true. Tears often seem to disappear after they have rolled down someone's face. This is especially prevalent with Claire Daines, as this is not the only time in the movie, or the only movie in fact, where it appears that her face is dry. Tears typically tend to seem like they've disappeared once they dry on someone's face, but they're still there.


Corrected entry: The hearse glove box lock is missing on one interior shot, but is there again in another shot.

Correction: Unlikely. Only one stunt car was used for the scene and the glove box was intact the entire time. It could've bounced open, or more likely it just wasn't able to be seen during the shot, considering how much chaos ensued during the hearse chase.


Corrected entry: When John Connor crashes into a guy's vehicle with the Toyota Tundra, it looks to be partly cloudy with the sun barely coming up. But when the guy gets out of the vehicle and starts yelling at John, it is sunny with barely any clouds out. (00:31:15)

Correction: You'd be amazed how fast the sun comes up during a sunrise. It can go from barely any light to bright and sunny in a matter of 5 minutes. When John was speeding down the highway, the sun was already coming over the horizon.


Corrected entry: In the scene where John crashes into the guy's car, the guy steps out and rubs his neck. A few moments later the door to the car closes by itself as if being pulled by a wire.

Correction: When the guy gets out, he shoves the door hard. Considering how mangled the car was, the entire body was bent, and the off-balance body caused the door to close again. This often happens to cars that are rear-ended.


Corrected entry: When John and Kate enter the particle accelerator while they are being chased by the T-X, you can see that John is in front and Kate is behind him. But later when the magnetic field accelerator is activated, Kate is now in front with John behind her. (01:23:15)

Correction: When the TX starts to become magnetized by the magnet, John steps toward her with his gun raised, moving past Kate.


Corrected entry: Just to be sure. Arnold got $150 SAMA Beta Titanium sunglasses at an "AM PM" convenience store rotating display, and found a $10,000 Audemars Piguet watch in a pickup truck?

Correction: Why not? Probably just a very careless person. I leave my $240 Oakleys in my car all the time. Also, the SAMA Beta Titaniums are the ones that Arnold found in the pick-up truck, not the convenience store.


Corrected entry: Early on in the vet clinic, when the T-X enters, you can hear some dogs barking. In Terminator 1 it was explained that dogs could sense terminators, explaining why they started barking in T3.

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Correction: A good observation, but its probably more likely that the dogs were barking at the sudden noises and crashing around. They were barking just as much when Kate entered the Vet clinic by herself.


Corrected entry: When you see John Connor sitting on the bridge, that is the same place where the T-1000 chases John on his motorcycle with a tow truck in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Correction: Not really...there are TONS of drainage ditches like that all around Los Angeles. A good observation, but probably not the same one.


Corrected entry: The vet's walls are fake. We can tell this because the rubble gets caught under the T-X's arm as she emerges after Arnold Schwarzenegger rams into her.

Correction: She's a machine that probably weighs half a ton...the rubble is light compared to her body.


Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie whenever Arnie gets hit or involved in some fight with the TX, his hair and clothes are messed up. However, the TX's hair and wardrobe are always spotless-not even an out of place hair.

Correction: The TX's hair and clothing are not real - they're formed from liquid metal. As such, they'd generally stay in their standard (i.e. neat) configuration. Same was true of the T-1000 in T2.

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Corrected entry: When the Cat lady is shot by the TX, she hits the floor, and can be seen just past the corner of the hallway. When the shot angle changes, she is a few feet back and her position changed.

Correction: That's not really true... after we see her fall from the gunshots, we never actually see her from any other angle, other than having a close up shot of her and the T-X crouching down over her to sample her blood, making it impossible to discern that.


Corrected entry: When Arnold Schwartzenegger steals the RV, notice the ammunition on the picnic table. When he places the green grenade rounds on the table, the bottom (where the firing pin would hit on a normal cartridge) is facing towards us. When he puts the rest of the ammo on the table, you can see the copper heads of the rounds.

Correction: He was moving them around between shots.


Corrected entry: When Arnold arrives in the teleportation bubble, there is a set of trees about 10 feet away from where the bubble appears. The camera angle changes to a closeup and the trees catch fire from the bubble and they are now 2 feet away.


Correction: The bubble expands, and is closer to the trees than it appeared.


Corrected entry: When the T-850 leaves the gas station, he looks back to see the attendant on the phone, surely he would have disconnected the phone, knowing that the police are looking for them and that would the first person the guy called, allowing the T-X to follow them with the police.

Correction: He probably didn't expect Kate Brewster to come leaping out of the back screaming for help, which is really the only reason that the kid called the cops in the first place. At that point, it would've been best just to keep moving rather than to waste time going back in and slamming the kid around and disconnecting the phone line, after which it would've been too late.

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Continuity mistake: When John and Catherine are in the hangar at the runway, the Cessna's tail number is N3035C. When the plane is shown in the air, the number is N3973F. When they land, the tail number has changed back to N3035C. (01:22:25 - 01:25:50)

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Terminator: Katherine Brewster? Have you sustained injury?
Kate Brewster: Drop dead, you asshole!
Terminator: I am unable to comply.

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Trivia: When John turns on the magnetic field, the equipment he uses to turn up the power is the throttle of the Saitek X45 with a Cyberdyne plate over the base. (01:22:55)

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