Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Corrected entry: The TX cuts through the particle accelerator with its inbuilt saw, but the machine was on. This was trapping it and the liquid metal, making it unable to move. Somehow it is able to activate the saw without that too being caught by the magnetic field. Not to mention it was able to hold the entire saw completely steady while activating it.

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Correction: It was still activated so it should be able to use its tools still. Could be the saw was mostly made up of titanium or aluminum which is not (or hardly) affected by the magnetic field of the accelerator and thus still usable.


Corrected entry: As the Terminator cuts open his skin to get the damaged fuel cell out, the initial incision spot changes a couple of times, as does the position of where he's cutting. One moment, it's mid-upper sternum, the next, mid-right pectoral, much too fast between cuts, even though he is a cyborg. He has to take care not to damage vital operating systems. (00:40:40)

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Correction: During the scene, the terminator pulls out the knife as he's cutting, then continues to cut in other areas. They cut away and show John Connor talking for a little bit, then they show the finished result as he pulls away the cut off skin. Everything stays consistent throughout the scene.


Corrected entry: Why did the T-850 hesitate to shoot the T-X with the grenade launcher before the T-X fatally shoots Brewster? There's no reason why he would hesitate after he shoots her with the automatic weapon since the T-X had already fallen, only to get back up slowly ready to attack again, especially when he already knows that Brewster is one of her targets. This could have been explained if he had been distracted, but he was not.


Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. The answer is they're basically walking computers, and can only follow their programming. A computer only "knows" what its program is, and can't think for itself.


Corrected entry: When John breaks into the animal clinic, he gets shot with his own "paintball gun. A real paintball gun is easily 4 or 5 times the size of a real handgun, and could never be disguised as the 9mm model shown. A real paintball gun requires a large co2 cartridge, and the paintballs fired are around the size of a quarter, much larger than 9mm. Even though some paintball cartridges are made that can be fired from conventional firearms for training purposes, the guns still need extensive and noticeable modifications, which his gun doesn't have. (00:19:20)


Correction: It's merely Katherine Brewster not knowing the technically correct word for the gun. A BB [airsoft] gun with "splatter bullets" would look like a real gun, and still have the paint bullets that would work as they do in the movie. A lot of people call hardball guns paintball guns by mistake, especially if they never actually use either.

Corrected entry: Skynet exists. It is a Belgian Internet provider, a spin-off of the former national phone company.

Correction: You mean 'a business' named 'Skynet' that has no connection to the movie entity at all exists. This isn't trivia at all. This is like saying: "John Connor is a real person. He is a dishwasher at the Denny's I work at".

Corrected entry: In the government facility, the backfire from the flying terminator's boosters would have at least singed JC's & KB's hair while flying over them.

Correction: Assuming the exhaust from the proto hunter killer is hot and not cold like the down draft from a helicopter.

Corrected entry: This is one shot that is in all 3 movies. When Arnold gets on a motorcycle there is a shot of his foot. As the shot continues you see the camera pan up as Arnold turns around on the bike. (00:30:40)

Correction: This is a very obvious gimmick and shouldn't be considered trivia.

Corrected entry: At the pet clinic, John escapes the cage and runs out in the hall, only to find a terminator. John asks the terminator if it is there to kill him. It seems like a waste of breath as no evil terminator gives a second thought about killing. Had the machine been a bad terminator, can't it be assumed he would have fired the shotgun at him sometime during that walk toward him?

Correction: John can hardly be blamed for wanting to make sure. The Terminator could potentially be out of ammunition, for example. Making sure is certainly understandable, particularly considering the stress of the situation.

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Corrected entry: During the hearse chase (before the hubcaps fall off), the hubcaps of the hearse change from spokes to flat. (00:57:42 - 00:58:37)

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Correction: Untrue. The wheel covers are the same type. They start out with a heavy hex-shaped center cap with a round, red emblem in the center (this cap is normally held on with a single screw on the backside, and they are notoriously known to loosen and fall off). As the chase progresses, at least one of these caps (front/left) is lost. At that point, the spokes blur to appear as if the wheel is a solid dish, but it's an illusion caused by rotation speed and the shutter speed of the camera, just as those instances where a forward-moving vehicle's wheels appear to be rotating backwards.


Corrected entry: At the cemetery the T-850 throws the casket through the back window of the hearse - obviously breaking the glass. A few moments later, Connor opens the casket and talks with the T-850 (now in the driver's seat). The back window, behind Connor's head, is now intact.

Correction: Untrue. Glass debris is clearly seen on the shelf to John's right (our left), as dust/smoke passes right-to-left behind the car. The broken portion of glass that remains in the window frame is blocked from view by the curtains, but there is nothing in the shot to suggest the unbroken glass is back in place.


Corrected entry: The Terminator says that the T-X was sent through time to eliminate the future lieutenants of the resistance because John Connor could not be located. Why didn't Skynet just send the T-X to a time when Connor could be located?

Correction: Skynet had to send the T-X to that specific date to assist with the rise of the machines. As Connor couldn't be found on that date, she was programmed to kill his lieutenants in a bid to hurt the resistance in any way it could.

Corrected entry: In the first movie, Dr. Silberman asks Kyle Reese why Skynet didn't just kill John Connor in the future instead of the elaborate time travel scheme with the Terminator. Reese answers, "We'd won. Taking out Connor then would make no difference." So why did Skynet send the Terminator to kill Connor in 2032?

Correction: The war that Reese and the first terminator came back from ended in 2029, whereas the war the T-850 and T-X came back from stemmed from a different timeline and didn't end until the 2030s. Hence an assassination mission with Connor in mind in 2032 was perfectly viable.

Corrected entry: When the huge magnet is functional, John's gun and the TX are drawn to it, and John and Kate run away. However, it's almost impossible there wasn't a single ferromagnetic thing on John and Kate. How come their belt clips, or the guns in John's bag, or the chargers in John's back pocket weren't drawn to the magnet?

Correction: Firstly, both the TX and Johns gun are significantly bigger than a belt clip, and the size of the objects has direct bearing on how much magnetic force will be exhibited on the object. Secondly, we don't know what the guns in Johns bag are made from,they could be porcelain or any other material OTHER than ferrous metal.

Corrected entry: In one of the earlier scenes, the TX steals the Lexus and is seen speeding down Rodeo Drive passing other vehicles. However, camera shots showing the dashboard, show the car is only moving at 30 m.p.h.

Correction: The dial is not shown. Therefore it is impossible to say how fast the car was travelling.

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Corrected entry: When Catherine's father walks through the corridor of the military base, on his way to the first test of the flying Hunter Killers, he is accompanied by a female civilian employee who is wearing a yellow blouse. The top two buttons of her blouse are undone and you can see a fair bit of cleavage. Though not subject to anything like military standards, civilian employees on US military bases are required to dress "modestly and with decorum". She might get away with one button undone, but two? No chance at all.

Correction: While she might be asked to button herself up, there is no way they would go to such a huge fuss for two buttons. Perhaps if she was wearing no clothes or hardly any they might be more concerned but this sort of mistake is only probable, not certain.

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Corrected entry: When Skynet comes online, the Skynet techie refers to the system speed in teraflop/s, or Tera (Trillion) Floating point Operations per Second, or basically how many operations with decimals it's executing per second. Knowing how many teraflop/s the system is running at would be virtually useless, as the AI portion of Skynet, which must by definition be the most computer intensive portion, would execute with integer numbers and logical branching. That is not measured by flop/s, but rather by MIPS, Millions of Instructions Per Second.

Correction: Neural Networks can be programmed with floating-point or integers, depending on specific requirements. For a complex NN with a decent activation function, floating-point is more appropriate.

Corrected entry: When the TX (disguised as Kate's boyfriend) punches it's arm through the police officer, it grabs the wheel and takes control of the vehicle. When the vehicle arrives, you see the TX get out of the rear of the vehicle, meaning she was in the back seat driving the whole time. In the back seat, the TX may have been able to control the stearing wheel and maybe the gearstick, but she would not have been able to control the accelerator, brake or clutch, making driving the car virtually impossible, not to mention stopping it. (00:51:30 - 00:54:35)

Correction: The T-X is partly made of liquid metal - it would be easy for it to simply extend itself under the seat to work the pedals.

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Corrected entry: When the Terminator is weaving left to right to get the T-X off the roof of the hearse, you see the rear passenger hubcap fly off of the tire. But in the next shot, it's back on again and then in the next shot it's off.


Correction: Look again, it's the front passenger hubcap that flies off, and it stays off.


Corrected entry: When the TX is on top of the hearse and she is chopping through the roof, a shot will come up where Terminator is swinging the hearse from side to side. A wheel comes off and rolls up the bank but the hearse keeps going.

Correction: That's not a wheel, just a hubcap.

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Corrected entry: If the computer and TV are down, how come the store clerk at the gas station uses the phone?

Correction: This is because many phones draw their power direct from the telephone line. It is mainly only cordelss phones that require an alternate power supply.

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Continuity mistake: When John and Catherine are in the hangar at the runway, the Cessna's tail number is N3035C. When the plane is shown in the air, the number is N3973F. When they land, the tail number has changed back to N3035C. (01:22:25 - 01:25:50)

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Terminator: Katherine Brewster? Have you sustained injury?
Kate Brewster: Drop dead, you asshole!
Terminator: I am unable to comply.

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Trivia: When John turns on the magnetic field, the equipment he uses to turn up the power is the throttle of the Saitek X45 with a Cyberdyne plate over the base. (01:22:55)

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