Drumline (2002)


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Diedre: Hey Devon, ya know, if you keep messing up, Ernest actually might get a chest.
Ernest: And Diedre might get strong enough to pick up a hot comb.

Devon: Oh snap! Now you can see me?

Dr. Lee: Hit 'em with a little Flight Of The Bumblebee.

Jason: I'm trying to get my spot back.
Devon: How? By river-dancing with your drum?

Sean: I've had it with your no talent, wannabe gangster ass! You wanna prove once and for all that I'm better than you? Strap up.
Devon: Bring it on, big brother tin man.

Jason: I DO love my drum.

Devon: I might as well tell you this up front.
Mr. Wade: What's that?
Devon: I can't really read music.
Mr. Wade: Oh, that's all right, son. Some people can't read the sign that says "toilet." Doesn't mean they don't know how to use it.

Continuity mistake: When Shawn is teaching the new drummers not to look at their drums while they play, he and Devon play together until Shawn drops a stick. At this point, Dr. Lee comes over and starts playing with Devon, until Devon drops a stick. The drum stick falls from Devon's hand and bounces around on the field. In the next shot, Dr. Lee is talking to Devon, neither has moved, but now Devon has both sticks in his hand.

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Trivia: The main drummer for Morris Brown at the end of the movie during the tie breaker is the actual drummer used for close up shots of Devin's hands when he has to drum.

Rollin Garcia Jr

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