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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie the of Jessica should have woken up with Rob Schneider's spirit instead of showing his body at Jessica's house. Bodies shouldn't have been moved, because Robert Schindler was never at Jessica's house prior the switch.

Correction: Not a plot hole. Their bodies switched, not their souls.

Corrected entry: In the last scene, right after the switch, Rob Schneider stops the car with the gay bartender in it. When the gay guy turns around and smiles, Rob Schneider (as himself) recognizes the guy and screams. How could he have known the guy if he wasn't in the club, Jessica (as Rob) was.


Correction: You're an older man dressed in a pink bra and skirt and heels, you jump into the back of a car and a man turns around and grins at you in a predatory manner. Wouldn't you scream too?


Correction: Anti-theft devices are often placed on/in cheaper items, as shoplifters favor small and inexpensive items. That being said, it's still likely that this box of tampons doesn't contain an alarm device. I worked in stores where two or three brands of items would have devices, but the rest would not.

Adding on to this comment: Contrary to popular belief, not every single item in a store has an anti-theft device (and no, the bar codes don't trigger alarms). If everything did, cashiers would have to spend more time making sure that all devices were deactivated and/or removed (depending on the type). Most store companies expect some theft, and even factor a certain amount of loss into the company finances.

Corrected entry: When April sprays Jessica [Rob] with the pepper spray and he falls down the bleachers, you can see the structures the crew added to fill in the open areas in the bleachers. They were probably added to help keep Rob/stunt double from getting hurt and to keep them from rolling in the proper direction [DVD Version].

Bruce Minnick

Correction: I just re-watched this scene and saw lots of open areas, I did not see any added structures.

Corrected entry: When April and Spence are in school before Spence goes with the principal, April starts pulling the little pieces of paper off Spence's face, the shot changes and she's not doing anything, and there are little pieces of paper left on Spence's face.

Correction: They only show April removing 3 pieces of the paper from Spence's face, she pulled her hand away before they cut back to her. They don't show Spence again until he is the principles office. She could of easily missed the one piece of paper still on his neck.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, Hildenburg finds the card left behind in the alley from the strip club. This is after the police have been there. Would they not have found it and taken it as evidence?

Correction: Sometimes they miss things.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, Jessica (Rob) calls April on her cell phone to tell her to meet her after class. April is in the middle of class when she talks to Jessica on the phone, and is actually talking pretty loudly considering how quiet the classroom is. However, the students around her don't seem to hear her at all.

Correction: They hear her perfectly, they're just ignoring her, just as they would be ignoring her if she was just chatting with the student next to her.


Corrected entry: Anna Faris' accident-prone mother backs out of the driveway and into the side of a passing truck. When you see her in the car, she is shown holding her head and slumped towards the steering wheel, as would happen in a frontal collision.

Correction: She is bowing her head in obvious misery and disgust, as for holding her head, she had just fallen off the balcony and still had her ice pack.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: When Jessica first wakes up as Rob Schnieder she has the earring on, but in other times in that scene she's not.

Correction: When Jessica walks in the bathroom, she takes her earring off and places it on the back of the toliet.

Corrected entry: In the scene where it shows the principal getting the mugshot of "Spencer" it prints out slowly, then quickly (faster than the first paper shoots) out a copy of the "Tuba News". Even laser printers don't that fast.

Correction: Tuba News is in color, a fax doesn't print out in color. It looks like Tuba News is thrown on top of the pile.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Spence and the girls are having a pillow fight, Spence seems to have super strength to be able hit the girls with a pillow and send them flying into the wall hard enough to break the wall, but when Spence is fighting that guy at the bar he fights like a girl seeming to have no strength at all.

Correction: In that particular scene Rob Schneider was just messing around swinging the pillow with all his strength. In the bar fight scene he wasn't trying to really fight wiht his strength because he doesnt know how; if he would have punched the guy he probably would have won.

Corrected entry: At the prom, just before Jessica leaves for the strip club, one of Jessica's friends says to Hindenburg, "You know what to do." Hindenburg then distracts the police, as it is implied was the "plan". But Jessica didn't even know her body was a criminal, let alone that the principal had called the police on them.

Correction: Hidenburg saw Jessica's body on the news from the videotape the guy took of his friend being beaten up by Jessica's body. Hidenburg told all of her friends, and they just told Spence that they found Jessica's body, not that it was a criminal. They had a plan to distract the police all along so that Spence and her friends could all go to the club to get her body back, without Spence getting caught.

Corrected entry: I find it a little unusual that Jessica could miss as much school as she did while she was in Rob Schnieder's body, and the principal or any other staff member at that school not be concerned about where she is. They never showed anybody calling her from school or the principal calling her house to see what was going on. You can't get away with that at any high school no matter who you are.

Correction: I actually pulled that off without a hitch. Maybe I just attended a bad school, but it can happen.

Correction: One suggestion: At my high school, if you were absent, a recorded message would be left on the family's answering machine. Some people would return home before their parents and delete the messages.

In addition to this, there are schools where a student can have a "free period" or "study period" without a class. They have earned enough class credits and they no longer need a full schedule in order to graduate. During my senior year, I only had three classes and a study hall per semester. And if it's late enough the school year, some teachers don't take attendance carefully every day. I.e. they just check off the list out of habit. These reasons could account for some of the time when nobody notices that Jessica is missing.

Corrected entry: At the cheerleading competition during the Foxes' routine Bianca has a very large pair of hoop earrings on and being a cheerleader myself, I know that you are not supposed to wear jewelery of any kind.

Correction: Depending on the type of competition they would have different rules.

Corrected entry: When the robber is in Jessica's body, there is a short scene where she is shown quickly running into a store and then rapidly coming out with a box of tampons and says "I gotta do what?!" after glancing at the box, showing that he is reading instructions and can't believe what he has to do. The instructions for tampon use are not on the box, but in a leaflet which is located inside the box.

Correction: Tampax is not a fictional brand of tampons.

Correction: I currently have a package of pads with instructions printed on the outside, so it's not difficult to imagine a box of tampons being the same way.

Correction: This is a fictional character reading the box for a fictional brand of tampons. This manufacturer obviously prints their instructions on the box.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Spence and Jessica's dad are talking and drinking beer after Spence has mowed the lawn, Jessica's father shows Spence his penis by unzipping his pants, but he is wearing sweatpants, which don't have zippers on them.

Correction: Jessica's dad never unzips his pants, he simply pulls them down.

Corrected entry: Watch the scene at the cheerleading competition, specifically when the judges are reading the rules in regard to Rob Schneider being a member of the cheerleading squad. When the judge begins reading the rules, note that there is nothing on her face. However, after the camera cuts to the Honeybee squad and then back to the woman reading the rules, a pair of sunglasses has appeared on her face. (01:15:36)

Correction: Her sunglasses were on the table. She was reaching for them at the end of the first shot and then next shot shows her wearing them.

Factual error: In the movie, prom happens during the end of the film. The movie spans the length of a week, yet we see that Jessica's boyfriend in the movie (Matthew Lawrence) is still having football practice. The high school football season ends months before prom. If it was supposed to suggest they are having spring practice, then he's not even supposed to be practising since he's a senior.

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April: Uh, Jessica has a... problem.
Ling Ling: She's only going to make us wait an hour this time.
Lulu: What about the class trip to Six Flags. She took so long in the bathroom we missed the bus.
Ling Ling: Our parents had to drive three hours to pick us up.
Jessica (Clive): I had my period, OK.

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Trivia: If you have the DVD for The Hot Chick, you can watch Deleted Scenes. If you see the one titled Carol's Phobias, you will see that Carol (Jessica's mother) has a phobia of germs. In the actual movie, when Billy comes to Jessica's house, Jessica walks on the roof and peers into her parents' room. While her dad is reading a playboy, her mom is reading a germ magazine.

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