The Hot Chick

Factual error: Near the end of the movie, Rob Schneider lets himself out of the police car. This would be impossible since the rear doors of police cars don't have handles on the inside.

Factual error: In the movie, prom happens during the end of the film. The movie spans the length of a week, yet we see that Jessica's boyfriend in the movie (Matthew Lawrence) is still having football practice. The high school football season ends months before prom. If it was supposed to suggest they are having spring practice, then he's not even supposed to be practising since he's a senior.

Continuity mistake: At the strip club, Jessica (as the stripper) has her nails painted red.When Jessica and Rob Schneider switch back into their original bodies, neither Rob or Jessica's nails are painted. You'd think one of them might still have their nails painted since they switched bodies.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where all the "Hot Chicks" are at the dance club 'Instant Tang' and Rob as Jessica is dancing with Beonca, and he rips her shirt then everyone else rips their girlfriend's shirts, look closely at the girl behind Rob with the kinda white shirt, after it's ripped it goes back to Rob then back to her and her shirt is all back together again, then it's ripped again.

Continuity mistake: Before the switch, in the scene where Jessica is trying to get the drinks for free at the mall, she licks the whipped cream off the top. In the first shot there is whipped cream on one side of her top lip. In the next shot it is on the other side and is much smaller. Then the next shot is the same as the first.

Continuity mistake: When the principal gets the faxes in her office, she gets the one fax of Rob Schnieder's mug shots and the "Tuba News" fax on top of it. Later, when she picks them up, she flips the "Tuba News" over, it cuts to another angle, and she flips it over again.

Continuity mistake: At the start of the film, when Jessica spots 'Booger' in her room she sees his black eye. She then gets mad when she sees him wearing her lipstick, he smiles with no lipstick, yet when the camera switches back to him he pouts with lipstick on.

Continuity mistake: When Rob Schnieder as the crook is pouring the slushie into his mouth he gets some on the machine. When it switches back to the crook the slushie machine is wiped clean.

Continuity mistake: In the strip club scene and after, the skirt that Jessica's body wears disappears when she turns back to a man (see when he's going to the police car), then reappears later, when he is trying to stop the car in the street.


Continuity mistake: When Rob Schneider is having his hair designed as one of the Backstreet Boys characters, for each haircut we see he has a beard for one of the haircuts and is clean shaven for another and then back to having a beard etc.

Continuity mistake: When Spence is about to kiss Billy to show him it's really Jessica, you can see his left hand is on Billy's face. When the camera angle changes, his hand is now on Billy's shoulder.

Audio problem: In the scene where April is putting the wax on Jessica's face, April makes some sort of laughing/exhaling noise. Her mouth opens slightly but not enough to make the noise.

Continuity mistake: When Taquito (Jessica) first meets Jessica's father, the yellow beetle in the back has the hood up. After they talk, they go back to the beetle and its hood is down.

Korean Mother: You're not ashamed of me. You're really ashamed of yourself. Tell Lulu, easy on the chronic.

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