Necessary Roughness

Other mistake: The opening kickoff of the final game against North Texas was taken at the six-yard line and returned for a touchdown. The announcer said that North Texas takes the lead on a 96-yard return. If taken at the six-yard line, it should be a 94-yard touchdown.


Other mistake: In the end of the final game. TSU runs a fake field goal which results in a TD pass as time expires. The final score, TSU wins by 1. The flaw: Being down 5 points with seconds remaining would never have a team line up for a FG. The defending team would know you're not kicking an FG since you would still lose.

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Suggested correction: The last play of the game during regulation was a fake sweep that resulted in a TD catch by Blake. This made it 20-21. TSU ran a fake FG on the extra point attempt. An extra point FG is only worth 1-point, which would have tied the game. By running a fake FG a scoring a TD, TSU scored 2-points, making the final score 22-21.


Continuity mistake: In the eighth game of the season, a scoreboard shows the score with about 3:08 to go in the game as 43-12, but next the announcer says they lost 35 to 12. It occurs right before Chapter 7 4:31 minutes.

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Andre Krimm: The next time I invite you out with the guys keep your white butt at home.
Paul Blake: But I thought you said you wanted to Paaar-teee?

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Trivia: One of fictitious Texas State University's (TSU) opponents is Southwest Texas Bobcats (SWT), which was a real school. In 2003, SWT changed their name to Texas State University at San Marcos (they kept the Bobcat nickname). Eventually, when the other schools in the Texas State University System didn't change their names, "at San Marcos" was dropped and they are known just as Texas State University (TSU).


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