Necessary Roughness

Necessary Roughness (1991)

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Corrected entry: During the last game, when the referee is penalizing the player for kicking his opponent in the head, he calls out the player's name on the P.A. system. Since it was a college game they would have announced the penalty and not identified the player.

Correction: I just watched the movie on DVD and the ref only calls the player by number 51.

Corrected entry: During the big game at the end of the film, a huge crowd is seen at the stadium. Moments after the end of the game, the TSU team is on the field celebrating and in the background is a now nearly empty stadium.

Correction: Is it not possible that a lot of people stormed the field because of being such a big win? Also since the Bobcats were the number team, they'd have more fans at the game. After they lost, most would have left shortly after.

Other mistake: The opening kickoff of the final game against North Texas was taken at the six-yard line and returned for a touchdown. The announcer said that North Texas takes the lead on a 96-yard return. If taken at the six-yard line, it should be a 94-yard touchdown.


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Coach Gennero: Well, is it fatal?
Doctor: Indigestion? Only in Mexico.

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Trivia: One of fictitious Texas State University's (TSU) opponents is Southwest Texas Bobcats (SWT), which was a real school. In 2003, SWT changed their name to Texas State University at San Marcos (they kept the Bobcat nickname). Eventually, when the other schools in the Texas State University System didn't change their names, "at San Marcos" was dropped and they are known just as Texas State University (TSU).


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