Black Sunday

Black Sunday (1977)

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Corrected entry: When Michael and Dalia set off the dart machine in the barn, it puts 80,000 pinholes in the walls. But there are no spent darts visible anywhere on the floor or on the watchman killed in the barn.

Correction: The small "darts" mentioned are called flechettes. Typically they enter the body and remain embedded. When propelled by high explosives, as in this application, they travel at rifle bullet speeds. It would be highly unusual for any of the flechettes to be anywhere in the area after the explosion.

Corrected entry: When Kabakov starts to question Mr. Muzi the importer, he sticks a gun in Muzi's mouth and says, Now blink once for yes and twice for no. He then asks him a series of questions, none of which are worded to produce a yes or no response.

Correction: When Kabakov questions Mr. Muzi, he tells him if he wants to cooperate to blink for yes, and die for no. Kabakov never says blink once for yes and twice for no. If Muzi did not blink he would have been killed.

Deliberate mistake: After the chopper drags the blimp about a mile out to sea, Kabakov unhooks it, and the blimp's bomb explodes seconds after. Why would he unhook it that close to shore with the dirigible's engines still pushing it back toward land and all those people? He had no idea when the bomb would go off. The bomb's fuse was set by hand inside the gondola.

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Suggested correction: Kabakov might not have known the exact second the bomb was scheduled to go off, but because the helicopter had just dragged the blimp out of the stadium he knew the bomb was set to go off pretty soon. The bomber would not have set the bomb to go off much later, because the stadium could have been evacuated. The decision to get the blimp to a minimum safe distance and release was a good one. The bomb was going to off soon, or not at all, so the blimp flying back to land was not critical.

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Major David Kabakov: What is this thing you Americans call the Super Bowl?

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Trivia: Director John Frankenheimer has a cameo as the television director in the Coliseum control room.

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