Maid in Manhattan

Plot hole: In the scene after Chris' disastrous lunch date with Caroline, he is seen signing autographs before getting into his limo; however, he starts making out the autograph to Amber before he has even asked her name. He tries to cover by then asking for her name, and acts surprised/shocked that it is indeed Amber. Both he and the fan start laughing before he spots Caroline and Rachel coming out of the hotel and pushes Jerry into the limo. (01:01:57)

Plot hole: It is very unlikely that Marisa gets her new job as a maid so quickly, since she had been convicted of not having been honest as a maid, and this was even all over the media. Nobody would hire her for quite a while.

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Suggested correction: A large number of people do not read/watch the news all the time, nor stay informed about politicians. Marisa could easily spend a day applying at several places, and meet just one supervisor/manager who does not know what happened with Senator Christopher Marshall. Especially in a city the size of Manhattan.

Plot hole: Spoilers: Jerry Siegel, Chris Marshal's advisor is surprised by the idea that Marisa is a maid, but he went to the maid shift meeting to get her to come to the big dance scene. Siegel's arc has him super worried about Marshal's reputation and was intensely careful and calculating at first, so it seems unreasonable he wouldn't have known who she was prior to stealing a dance with her at the ball scene and asking her "is there anything I need to know," in regards to who she really is.

Continuity mistake: When Marisa is going to the gala, she is wearing a peach chiffon wrap. When she enters the gala, it is gone and never to be seen again, (even when she leaves the gala and Chris follows her out).

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Marisa: Come on, who's kidding who here? Do you think you would have taken a second look at me if you knew I was the maid? With all due respect.

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Chosen answer: Two hotels were using during filming, The Roosevelt Hotel and The Waldorf-Astoria, both located in New York City.


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