Maid in Manhattan

Character mistake: Marisa is on a downtown 4 train and it is entering Fordham Rd station in the Bronx through the window. There is a parking garage in real life behind the front uptown platform at Fordham Rd, and when she is on the train it is visible when it's entering the downtown side of the station. However when she drops off Ty at school which is obvious he attends PS 33, she is walking north of the school in front of the 4 train el. Why would she travel uptown to go downtown? Especially since she was "running late" for work.


Character mistake: When Marisa boards the bus in the beginning of the movie to take Ty to school, she is on a Bx1 bus on the Grand Concourse and 173rd St going southbound. However, it is obvious Ty attends PS 33 on Fordham Rd and Jerome Ave in the next scene which is north of their location. It doesn't make sense at all for her to get on a southbound bus when she should be on a northbound bus. The 4 train is shown in the distance going uptown while she is walking up the stairs to the Grand Concourse. Why didn't she just take the train uptown since it stops at Fordham Rd in front of the school but instead she chose to get on a downtown bus? She is basically going in the opposite direction in real life.


Audio problem: When J'lo leaves out the door after the big gala and Chris runs after her, he stops her and they begin to talk. when she says the line "I made so many mistakes already" you can hear her say "look" before she says that line, but you actually see her say "I" instead.

Erika Medina

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Marisa: Come on, who's kidding who here? Do you think you would have taken a second look at me if you knew I was the maid? With all due respect.

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Chosen answer: Two hotels were using during filming, The Roosevelt Hotel and The Waldorf-Astoria, both located in New York City.


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