8 Crazy Nights

Continuity mistake: When Davey Stone is running away from the police while singing, after he says, "But I'll give this old lady's melon's a squeeze.", he swings around a street pole. The garbage can lid he is riding on has no handle, but when he slides down the hill and jumps over the front of a snow plow, the lid has a handle.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Whitey goes to the mall he takes off his coat and lays it down next to him. Later when Elenore approaches him his coat is nowhere to be seen.

Continuity mistake: In the long ago song scene when Davey is talking about the names on the tree, you see Jennifer and she has what looks like eyeliner and lipstick on, but 2 seconds later you see a close up of her and she has no visible lips and not even eye lashes.

Continuity mistake: When Davey Stone is running away from the police while singing, at the end of the song just before he crashes into the ice sculptures, you can see ice skaters and their trails on the ice. Yet when Davey crashes into the sculpture and they fall, the skaters and their trails are instantly gone. Even if the skaters tried to run away their trails would still be there.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when Davey is singing and running from the cops, when he sings, "And when your singing your holiday tune, I'm acting like the town buffoon," he is at the top of a mountain behind some carolers, yet in the next shot he is suddenly in front of the carolers.

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Continuity mistake: When Elanore falls at the skating rink after Davey takes her wig off, you can see her glasses fall off, yet when we see her on the ground her glasses are back on.

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Audio problem: When Davey is burping in the china restaurant and all those people's glasses break, you can hear the glass break at least 1 1/2 seconds before any glass actually breaks.

logan crews

Eleanor Duvall: Hey, look! He already stole something.
Davey: It's a letter from my parents.
Eleanor Duvall: Well why don't you go live them?
Davey: They died.
Eleanor Duvall: My bad.

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Trivia: The black-haired Guy that Davey faces in the basketball match is the director, Seth Kearsley.

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