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Corrected entry: When they are deciding to try and go to Treasure Planet, his scar is on the right cheek when previously and after it is on the left.

Correction: If this person is talking about Jim Hawkins - those lines are not scars, they're actually just little wrinkle lines that are part of the boy's features. This becomes obvious in other parts of the movie where they appear under both eyes at once, or under one eye or the other when his expression changes. They're not scars at all.

Corrected entry: How can Scroop grab the ropes to tie down sails if he has claws for hands? We know they are sharp when he cut Arrow's rope and sawed Jim's, and you can see his shadow grabbing the rope that remained intact.

Correction: Because he can control the amount of pressure he exerts with his claws. Just like crocodiles can put things in their mouths without rending them in half.

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Corrected entry: Silver goes to the galley to get his spyglass right before the mutiny. Why does Silver need that spyglass? Silver's cyborg eye has a built in spyglass, which we learn later when he sees Jim about to fall and zooms in to see that he is loosing grasp on his handhold. We also see another time that Silver uses the built in spyglass when Jim tells them to turn the ship around right before the planet blows up. Silver zooms in to see the portal, then zooms in even closer to see the 3D map. So since Silver can obviously see things from great distances very well, why would he need to go to galley?

Correction: He wasn't always a cyborg, which means at one time he did need a spyglass. If he went to get it, then it must have sentimental value.

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Corrected entry: When Amelia is introducing herself to Doctor Doppler, she says "Late of a few run-ins with the Procyon Armada..." but the subtitle says "Protean Armada."

Correction: Subtitle's mistakes have nothing to do with the movie.

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Corrected entry: This isn't for the movie, but on the newly-released DVD cover, Long John's cyborg hand is on his right shoulder in the front, and on his left shoulder on the picture in the back.

Correction: DVD cover mistakes are not part of the movie itself and therefore mistakes made on the covers, bonus material, etc. are not valid mistakes.

Corrected entry: You must float when you are flying because they needed a gravitational pull on the ship. Then how come when some of the pirates fall off the ship when the Captain, Jim and Delbert first escape, the pirates just keep falling. To top it off, later in the movie, one of the pirates floats away when the gravitational pull was shut off.


Correction: Gravity causes acceleration, not velocity. The group of mutineers fell through the open hangar because they were in motion from jumping, but they soon passed out of the artificial gravity field generated by the ship, and continued downwards, soon to be caught by the planet's natural gravity and become planet side pizza. As for the spider, he grabbed the flag and the rope gave way, so he flew away with it, and was too far to be affected by the gravity field once BEN reactivated it.

Corrected entry: At the time the original book, Treasure Island, was written there were still places that were uncharted, so an island that only pirates knew about was a reasonable idea, In the film, Doppler was naming places until he got to Treasure Planet...isn't it odd that the big thing was missed, with all that technology, and when it wasn't that far away from a known place?

Correction: The treasure planet is in the very heart of an asteroid field and a nebulae, as seen when the crew nears it in their ship. Navigational hazards like those might have kept planet-seekers away.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr. Doppler and Jim Hawkins are going to see the ship for the first time Doppler's mask is a Verne's style helmet (flat underwater style), but when they are meeting Captain Amelia it has turned into a modern space helmet (round spherical outer space style).

Correction: That simply doesn't happen. The helmet stays the same.

Corrected entry: When Silver is showing Jim how to tie knots, he ties a noose-shaped one. He then looks for Jim and he has made the knot and climbed down and is already walking along the edge of the boat. The was NO way he could have done it that quickly without knowing how to do it in the first place, but it looks looked like Silver was showing him for the first time. (00:33:40)

Correction: Jim appears to be bored with the knot-tying, implying that he already knows how to do it.

Corrected entry: I hope everyone notices this, and I know the movie just CAN'T work without it, but... everyone on the ship is living in an airless vacuum.

Correction: The world in which "Treasure Planet" takes places is filled with a gas similar to oxygen. It's explained in the "The making of..." books available.

Corrected entry: Why is it that at the end of the movie, (just after they land...not when they are re-building the inn) Captain Amelia can walk and stand perfectly upright when no less then 30 min. ago she could barely stand?

Correction: Actually, there are indications that more time has passed, such as Jim going to the ship to get the map. Enough time could have passed that day to allow Amelia to regain some strength.

Corrected entry: When Jim first meets B.E.N. the shock makes him drop his gun and we see it on the sand. However, in the next shot it has now appeared stuffed down the back of Jim's pants.

Correction: In the next shot Jim picks up his gun and puts in the back of his pants.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, the main character is arrested by the police after trespassing in a power plant. The arrest follows after he smashes a fence with two warning lights on it. The funny thing here is that he is on a hovering space surfboard, so could have easily flown over and around the plant or even through it, without trespassing in the strict sense, yet he chose to fly straight through this meaningless fence, which is nothing more than a small piece of wood with red and white stripes, and has no function in a society where everybody flies on little hovering machines.

Correction: The barrier stops pedestrians, while Jim apparently crashes through it for the sole thrill of it.

Correction: Jim is also a troublemaker as the police seem to know him by name and it's mentioned he's on probation, so it makes sense that he would just ride right through the barrier intentionally.

Corrected entry: Once on Treasure-Planet, the pirates wish to find the treasure. The main character activates the Magic Ball and a vibrating laserbeam appears from this Ball which will lead them to the treasure. The pirates then tell him he can't come with them and as a consequence he de-activates the Ball and the beam disappears again. Then the pirates give in, he can come with them, and he re-activates the Ball and the beam reappears. They follow this beam in a small space ship hovering close to the planet's surface towards where the treasure should be. If you carefully look you can see the main character standing on deck (the space ship is a hovering small sailing-boat) with a de-activated Magic Ball in his hands. Where does the laserbeam come from?

Correction: You can't tell whether the map is closed or not. It looks exactly the same whether it's closed or open.

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Corrected entry: The big boat/ship/spaceship with sails leaves the spaceport and artificial gravity is engaged to keep everybody (standing) on it. There are several fights taking place later in the film where characters fall overboard, as if they would fall into the sea, and then climb back into it. But as this 'ship' is in space there is no sea hence the moment the characters fall overboard they should hover away rather than being pulled down, because the artificial gravity is on the ship only, which is emphasised later when the main character is fighting the 'spider' on the ship's mast, when the artificial gravity is disabled. The moment the artificial gravity is engaged the spider's rope snaps off the mast and he hovers away into space, where as the main character hangs on to the mast and survives.

Correction: Not true - the spider's rope breaks before the artificial gravity is engaged, under his own momentum. The other cases are either in a planet's gravity well, or in that of a black hole.

Corrected entry: They should have not have been able to escape the black hole. The black hole's gravitational pull is so strong that even light cannot escape it, much less a flying ship.


Correction: The minimum speed you need to escape a certain star's gravitational pull is function of the distance you are to it: the higher the distance, the less minimum speed you need. There is a certain critical distance, lesser than which the minimum speed to escape is higher than the speed of light, making it impossible to escape. However, if your distance to the star (in this case, a black hole) is higher than that critical distance, then you CAN escape from it if you have enough speed (lower than the speed of light). When they look in the direction of the black hole, we can see a black sphere that represents the black hole. The radius of that black sphere is more or less the said critical distance. In the movie, their distance to the black hole is higher than the critical distance, hence they can escape if they have enough speed (which they got from that "wave").

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film The Robot indicates to the remaining characters on the big boat (read: spaceship) how much time they have left before the planet explodes. The big boat is headed for the time-portal, so time is critical. If you count the amount of seconds from the first announcement by the robot and all subsequent announcements in real time until the planet explodes, the robot has got it wrong every time. In all announcements he is approx. 10-15 seconds ahead of real time, so they have in fact a little bit longer to reach the portal.

Correction: The robot may have been right. The shots of Jim flying toward the portal could have happened at the same time as the shots of the ship after it.

Other mistake: In the beginning of the movie where Baby Jim is talking about Treasure Planet, he crawls under the top sheet of his bed that has been folded half way up the bottom of the bed, and peeks out the bottom. That's fine and all but then his mother straightens out the sheet and covers him up. You then see that the part he just peeked out of was the folded part so he shouldn't have been able to peek out.


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Captain Amelia: You've met my First Mate Mr. Arrow. Sterling, tough, dependable, honest, brave, and true.
Mr. Arrow: Please, Captain.
Captain Amelia: Oh, shut up Arrow. You know I don't mean a word of it.

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Trivia: In the first scene, in Jim's room, there is a doll of Stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch.

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Question: Were John Silver, and the mutineers led by him, the same guys who burned Jim's mother's inn?

Answer: It's heavily implied that it is. But I believe it's meant to be a bit ambiguous.

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