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Corrected entry: When Joe Clark addresses the faculty in the gym, he has three rows of people on one side, and about 11 or 12 rows on the other. Yet no matter which side we see Clark from, there are always just a few rows of people in the background.

Matty Blast

Correction: There are many shots that show the four rows Joe Clark asked to step forward and the rest of the faculty (Maybe 10 rows or so). I just watched the movie and this was plain to see.

Corrected entry: The mayor asks Dr. Napier how many students passed the minimum basic skills test last year and he replies, "About 38%." Later, when Joe Clark is addressing the student body for the first time, his graph indicates that 30% passed last year.

Matty Blast

Correction: The 30% refers to the "Practice Test" the students took - not the test from the previous year.

Corrected entry: When Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman) confronts the fire chief outside the building, he has a baseball bat in his hands. When we turns and enters the school, there is a shot of him walking down the hallway and the baseball bat is not in his hand anymore.

Correction: I just watched this last weekend. The reason that Clark isn't holding the bat anymore is because he handed it to someone outside, I believe he handed it to the female vice pricipal.

Continuity mistake: When Joe Clark is having his talk with Sams on the edge of the roof of the school, Sams is on the right and Clark is on the left (when viewed from the ground). When they're done talking, Sams turns to his left and walks away - turning to his left would have made him fall off the roof after just a few steps.

Matty Blast

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Trivia: Although in real life Principal Joe Clark improved the discipline problems at Eastside High School, he did not, contrary to what the film has you believe, improve the academics in any meaningful way. Although test scores improved very slightly his first couple of years as principal (partly due to the fact that he expelled so many bad students) from 1986 to 1988, during his time as principal, Eastside High School had the lowest state exam passage rates in all of New Jersey. One of these years in particular, under Clark's tenure, Eastside High's passage rate was as low as 24.1%.

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Question: At the very beginning of the movie, Joe Clark is enraged when he finds out that there is a meeting going on without him. What exactly is the subject of this meeting (other than the obvious dismissal of Mr. Clark)? Why is Mr. Clark accusing them of "selling out," and what do the people in the meeting refer to when they say, "You want to be posturing, etc., but we just want to work."?

Matty Blast

Chosen answer: They are discussing some of the things that Mr. Clark has done that has "embarassed" the school. They are debating what to do about him. And by "posturing," they mean his insistance on wearing African dress and espousing his political beliefs.

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