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Marti: I know you think Alonzo isn't perfect, but I'm going to hold on to him... cause he's all I got. The wards ain't full of Jasons. What you found was quiet... in a world full of thunder. I ain't got no choice but to listen to it. You do.

Lyric: Jason, I am trying to love you, but I don't want my heart broken. But that's exactly what you're gonna do if you keep trying to save a brother that don't want to be saved.

Jason Alexander: I've never flown in a plane before.
Lyric: Sometimes you don't need a plane to fly.

Gloria: Nobody killed Mad Dog. He died in that war. They just didn't bury him.

Jason Alexander: Ghosts. I guess everyone lives with them. Some good, some bad. But memories won't let you forget. They have a way of boomeranging, changing a life forever.

Continuity mistake: Jason's mother is sitting on the front porch crying, telling Jason that Joshua stole some money from her job. Notice the pack of cigarettes and matches on the chair's arm, but when Jason goes to comfort her by sitting on the arm, the cigarettes are clearly gone. (00:26:13)

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Trivia: Suzzanne Douglas plays Allen Payne's mother in the film, even though in real life she's only 11 years his senior.

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