Treasure of Silver Lake

Treasure of Silver Lake (1962)

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Factual error: Somewhat late in this German made western, Lex Barker and company are led into an Indian village, somewhere in (I presume) the Rocky Mountains. You will notice that there are at least two totem poles in this village. The kind of Indians shown dress like Plains Indians, and not like Northwest Indians. Northwest tribes who are found in Washington state, USA, and British Columbia, Canada, are the only tribes with totem poles. Plains Indians did not have totem poles.

Factual error: About 15 minutes into this western, there's a scene in a bar with a group of guys standing around drinking beer. One fellow wears a suspiciously modern looking pair of horn rimmed glasses, as well as having what looks like a modern sailing type of 'baseball' cap on his head. I would have thought that one of the crew men was accidently included, except that this fellow had a speaking role.

Factual error: About 20 minutes into the film, Lex Barker is seen in the background, shaving off his beard. He looks to be using a modern safety razor, rather than the straight razor which would be typical for this time period.

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