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8 Mile (2002)

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Rabbit (EMINEM) wins the rap contest against Pappa Doc. Rabbit's posse all praise Rabbit and hope that he'll take them all to fame and fortune. Rabbit instead goes back to the factory and decides to make himself a rap star on his own. And the girl and Rabbit don't end up together, because she cheats on him with one of his friends.


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Continuity mistake: When Rabbit goes to his mom's trailer for the first time, he is wearing street shoes, but when he takes Lily in the trailer he is wearing boots. (00:10:14)

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Jimmy Smith Jr: You ever wondered at what point you gotta just say "f**k it, man." You ever wondered at what point you gotta stop livin' up here, and start livin' down here?

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Trivia: One of the members of D-12 (Eminem's real life hip hop group), Proof, can be seen several times during the battles at the end of the movie, including at the end of the battle with Lickity. Proof is wearing a hat with the D-12 logo on it.

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Question: Why didn't B-Rabbit yell at and break up with Alex Latorno after he caught her cheating on him?

Answer: They'd only known each other a short while and were not necessarily in an exclusive relationship.

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