The Santa Clause 2

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Santa is getting married, just after they kiss and Santa looks like Santa again, you can see in the bottom left hand corner Bernard and Curtis giving each other the thumbs up. In the very next shot, it repeats them doing this again only in a close up. (02:33:00)

Other mistake: The little girl elf pours Santa a mug of hot chocolate, but if you watch closely there is nothing in the mug when he drinks it.

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the movie when Charlie is in the gym, the last can of spray paint he uses, just before the Principal catches him, appears to spray 'clear'.

Revealing mistake: At the end of the movie, watch closely as Santa comes to tell Lucy about how he is Santa. He comes through the chimney and shakes a little bit. Later, when he leaves, that very same shot is shown (with all the same movements), only in reverse.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie goes down the rope (in the beginning of the film) to spray paint the wall in the gym, the rope hangs tight from his point of view, but loose from his girlfriend's point of view.

Continuity mistake: When Principal Carol (the future Mrs. Claus) arrives with the gang at the North Pole, she wears gloves. A moment later she doesn't wear them, then she wears them again and then she doesn't wear them for the rest of the same scene.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Santa, Curtis, and Bernard are looking at the mice that have just been duplicated, Bernards brown bag strap is twisted, but in the next shot it is straight. He would have had to take it off to fix it, but he didn't even touch it.

Factual error: When Santa is shown the miniscule print on the 'Santa Clause' card (that he is supposed to be/get married) the Elf holds an enormous lens in front of it, to make it easier for Santa to read the print. From the distance Santa is standing at, from his point of view the card should appear upside down.

Audio problem: When Abby, an elf, is about to tell Santa that Charlie is on the naughty list, she says something about 'Brazilian cocoa beans'. As this line is heard, you can see that her mouth is moving completely differently from the words we hear.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the clone Santa is sitting at his desk reading the book of rules, one of the elves gives him some cocoa and he sets his magnifying glass down. In the next shot, the magnifying glass isn't there, and in the next one it has magically reappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Curtis is talking to the toy Santa about needing to read the book because it is the key to being Santa, the toy Santa's magnifying glass is looking down on the open book but when he says "right!", he's looking up at Curtis and Bernard through the magnifying glass.

Continuity mistake: When Bernard and Curtis are arguing, just after they had been covered in tinsel, Bernard still has some in his hair. In the next shot, it's gone. Then it comes back in the following shot.

Revealing mistake: When Scott falls down the stairs after trying to loose a tooth, you can easily see that the man falling is a stunt double.

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Suggested correction: You can't "easily tell" he is a stunt double. He could very easily be Tim Allen. You can't see his face or anything that would prove he is a stunt double.

I've gone through it frame by frame. It is a stunt man. Even watching at normal speed before freeze framing, the stunt double's face is visible.

Continuity mistake: After Santa says "yes" to the the little girl elf offering him a cookie, he takes the cookie in his right hand, but the next shot shows Santa holding it in his left hand.


Continuity mistake: After Lucy reminds Charlie that he loves his dad, she walks away and Charlie sees her as she walks off to his left, but the next shot shows Charlie looking to his right, away from Lucy.


Continuity mistake: Before Curtis announces, "The de-Santafication process has begun!", his arm is bent and his hand is holding on to the sleigh while standing a distance away (rear shot of him) but when he says the line his arm is by his side and standing much closer to the sleigh (frontal shot).


Continuity mistake: The head of the elf who asks Santa if he wants a cookie instantly moves between the up and down positions as the shot perspectives cut.


Continuity mistake: As Scott and Tracy converse before dinner in the restaurant, a plate with a butter knife on it moves back and forth from nearer to Tracy to nearer to Scott as the scene cuts.


Continuity mistake: During Scott and Tracy's dinner date, Scott's right hand instantly alternates being on the table to off as the scene cuts to different views.


Bernard: Curtis, you're 900 years old. Grow up.


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Question: The premise of "Santa Clause 2" is that the new Santa must find a wife or he goes back to being a normal guy. So, what happened to the prior Mrs. Claus, the one that was married to the Santa that fell off the roof in the first movie - or for that matter, the ones married to any of the prior Santas? Do they just disappear when their husbands are no longer Santa?

Answer: They become widows, presumably, stop being "Mrs. Claus", and go back to living a normal life.

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Answer: When a Santa dies, the previous Mrs. Claus goes back into the human world and loses all memory of the north pole and Santa.

Answer: The previous Santas probably didn't have wives and then would die or retire before the elves could find out about the marriage clause.

But that doesn't make sense because Scott Calvin, the current Santa, automatically started to reverse naturally without the elves doing anything.

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