Die Another Day

Bond is sent to Korea to check out the facilities there, and discovers there is are enough weapons and men to run a small war, headed by a Korean Colonel. He goes under cover but someone tips the Koreans off and Bond jumps in a hovercraft and engages in a typical Bond chase having detonated a bunch of C4 in the enemys' faces. He pushes the Korean colonel off the edge and into a massive waterfall and the man is pressumed dead. Then the man's father, unaware of his son's violent activities, turns up and has Bond tortured, and we see his pain during the title credits. Bond is tortured for 18 months. Then M trades for him with a Korean named Zao, but instead of a warm welcome back James is tranquilised and sent to an analysis facility. M thinks he revealed information about them and wants to detain him. But Bond escapes and tries to discover who framed him. Q supplies him with gadgets and he meets the stunningly attractive Jinx along the way. He pairs up with Miranda Frost and meets Gustav Graves, a man with a satellite he calls Icarus and claims it will help third world countries grow crops all year round. But Graves turns out to be the North Korean Colonel we saw 'die' at the beginning, and Frost is revealed to be working for Graves. Having escaped from the rays of Icarus it's up to Bond and Jinx to stop Graves from using his weapon to take over South Korea.

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Plot hole: In the pre title sequence James Bond travels in a hovercraft along the dirt road which is full of land mines. Soon after reaching the waterfall at the end, trucks drive up along the road he just drove in on to capture him. As there was only one road in to the waterfall complex the landmines must have all disappeared, as earlier on in that sequence we are informed that the only way that the North Koreans can avoid the mines along that road is by hovercraft. (00:12:05)

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Miranda Frost: He'll light the fuse on any explosive situation, and be a danger to himself and others.

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Trivia: When Gustav Graves parachutes in, the Union Jack Parachute is a reference to "The Spy Who Loved Me" when Roger Moore skis off the snowy cliff and floats to safety with his Union Jack parachute. (00:48:50)

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Question: In "The World Is Not Enough" Bond, using his intuition, correctly assessed that Elektra King had sided with the villain. So why did he never suspect for a second that Miranda Frost had done the same in this film?

Answer: Bond's suspicions about Elektra King were triggered by his discovery that her head of security, Davidov, was working with Renard. With Miranda Frost, there was nothing that would have led Bond to believe she was a double agent working for Graves/Moon in any capacity other than her undercover MI6 assignment.

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