Ghost Ship

Plot hole: At the end, there is an explosion large enough to destroy and sink an entire ocean liner, but Julianna Margulies, who was sitting right next to where the explosion went off, not only lives, but is virtually unscathed? Yeah, right. (01:19:00 - 01:20:35)

Plot hole: Ships only steer when moving 'through' the water, not while adrift (moving 'with' the water/current). So the whole idea of fixing the rudder to steer away from the rocks without any propulsion is nonsense.

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Plot hole: After the small boat blows up, all the characters are off the big ship. They magically appear back on top of the main ship, but had absolutely no way of getting up there. (00:46:50)

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Suggested correction: Wasn't Murphy still on the board of the big ship during the explosion? He could pull them on the rope or something.

What rope? They got up on a crane. Some soaking wet natural fiber rope from the 60s? What about the injured guy? Nah.

Who said it had to be a wet rope? Cruise ships of that size are likely to have supplies on board for a "man overboard" situation. Murphy is still on the ship so could use them.

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Plot hole: The crew of the Antonia Graza is shown blowing off the door to where the gold is by putting an explosive on the INSIDE of the door. What was the purpose of blowing off a door AFTER going inside the door, planting the explosive, then going back out?

Plot hole: After the tugboat is sunk, the crew try to repair a very old ocean liner - the ghost ship - using equipment that could only have come from the tugboat, which had the latest scuba gear and welding gear, but they are all at the bottom of the ocean in the blown-up tugboat.


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Suggested correction: The salvage crew are shown very early on bringing a variety of equipment onto the liner long before their own ship is sunk. It is obviously intended to insinuate where the salvage gear required later came from.

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Deliberate mistake: At the beginning and especially at the end, Julianna Margulies spends extensive time in the ocean, wearing nothing but cargo pants and a T-shirt. Considering the movie takes place just off the Bering Strait, wouldn't she have quickly frozen to death? (01:21:05)

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Epps: After you.
Murphy: No, after you.
Munder: No, no, no, no, no. After me.

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Trivia: The studio and producer Joel Silver reportedly called for major re-writes of the script shortly before shooting began. Many of the actors had signed up based on the original script, titled "Chimera", which contained far less violence and supernatural elements, and instead was a psychological drama about what happens to a salvage crew when they are stranded in the middle of the ocean. Much of the cast wasn't informed that the script had been almost completely altered into a more generic supernatural-horror/slasher film until just before they showed up to begin filming, leaving many of them disheartened and disgruntled.

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Question: Why does the demon kill the salvage crew before the boat is even fixed, and why couldn't he fix the boat himself if he already has the ability to move objects?

Answer: Not fixing the boat drew the salvage crew to the boat, where the demon could fill his soul-quota far away from any aid his victims may have sought.

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