Tima sits on the throne of the ziggurat after she's shot by Rock and initiates an attack on the city. Rock activates the super weapon (connected to Tima) when Duke Red is threatened by the robot workers and the place starts to collapse because of the overload caused by Tima's connection to the ziggurat throne. Kenichi pulls Tima away from the throne of the ziggurat. As the ziggurat collapses, Kenichi tries to save Tima as she's dangling from the edge and she falls. The city now in ruins, Kenichi decides to stay, Detective Shunsaku (Kenichi's uncle) leaves and some robots gather some of Tima's parts. The final scene is Tima's voice on a radio, indicating that she's still alive...

Racer X

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Rock is trying to destroy Tima and the factory, the side parting in his hair frequently changes sides.

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Question: The character Rock resembles Protoman (aka Blues in Japan) from the videogame Mega Man (Rockman) in appearance. Both wear shades and red clothing (Megaman has blue eyes and black hair and it's assumed that Proto has the same). The original Megaman characters and plot are very similar to Osamu Tezuka's Astroboy. With the character name, the robot themes, jazz/blues music, and the appearance, I was wondering if this was intentional on the animator's part or just coincidental.

Answer: If anything, Mega Man was influenced by Metropolis--Mega Man came around in 1987 and Metropolis first appeared in manga form in 1949.

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