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Corrected entry: In Child's Play 1, John (the voodoo instructor) tells Chucky he has to put his soul back into the body of the person he first revealed himself to, which would have been Andy. However, after Chucky's "re-reincarnation" in part 3, he 1st reveals himself to Mr. Sullivan before killing him in his office. So he should have been trying to transfer himself into Mr. Sullivan's body, not Tyler's or Andy's. (It is revealed later that if Chucky has a "new" body (killed and reincarnated), the process starts all over again, in which case he must transfer himself into the body of the person whom he 1st reveled himself, in neither case is Andy or Tyler.) This Mistake happens in both part 2 and 3, where Chucky revels himself 1st to another person, kills them, but continues to pursue Andy as if that is the 1st person he reveled himself to after receiving his NEW body.


Correction: The real way for Chucky to reveal his true self to is by telling them his real name is Charles Lee Ray, which he does to Andy in the first film although it happens off camera. In the second film he does not have a new body, it has simply been repaired, and at the start of this film he never tells Mr. Sullivan this. However, when he first meets Tyler he tells him these exact words, which means Tyler is the person he must transfer himself into.


Corrected entry: At the beginning when the head of the GoodGuy company is showing slides, he saids "This is Andy Barclay. 8 years ago, he..." Andy was 6 in Child's Play 1 and is 16 in 3. Making it 10 years not 8. (00:04:00)

Correction: It was implied the picture was from "Child's play 2" which took place eight years prior to "Child's Play 3."

Corrected entry: After all the hastle the company must have had from the incidents, and the gallons of bad press it must have received, why did they commit economic suicide by remaking the dolls?

Correction: This is explained at the very beginning. The president of the good guys company is very greedy, and despite all the warnings of bad press before, he wants to put them back on the market. Reasons told are, that the Good Guy Dolls out-sold all their other toys two to one, that the interest in their toys are at a peak, and that the fantasies of one boy will not destroy their production and sales. They also say Andy Barclay is ancient news, and no-one cares about the 'Chucky' stories anymore. So with these reasons and the fact that the Good Guys president is a greedy man, they want to put the dolls back on sale.

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Corrected entry: When Chucky arrives at the military school he is in the box which is wrapped in brown paper, but how did Chucky wrap up his box, put sticky tape on both ends and then get inside it, it's impossible.

Correction: He doesn't have to do it himself. First using the CEO's computer he sets up an order for one Good Guy doll to be sent to Andy Barclay then plonks himself and his box somewhere down in despatch where he will stand out and play 'Good Guy doll'. Some unsuspecting clerk gets despatch notice, wraps the first good guy doll he sees (Chucky), and voilĂ !


Corrected entry: In Sullivan's office scene at the beginning of the film, when the two dolls, Larry and Paulie, are talking at the same time, he only reaches out to switch one doll off, but they both go quiet together.

Correction: It has been established that good guy dolls are voice activated. They respond to someone greeting them (example from the first movie: Andy: "Hi I'm Andy what's your name?" Chucky: "hi I'm Chucky and I'll be your friend until the end Hi de ho ha, ha, ha"). The dolls kept talking to each other because they are responding to each other's voices. So when one of them is turned off they both quiet down because they are no longer responding to each other.

Correction: The same principle applies to Furbies; they can talk to each other, but if no one is talking to them, then they might shut up. I have a Furby myself, and I believe that I can even tell him to go to sleep, so no talking is required.

Corrected entry: In both "Child's Play" films when Chucky tries to take over Andy's body, Chucky puts his right hand on top of Andy's forehead and says the chant correctly. In "Child's Play 3" (1991), after Chucky has half of his face sliced off, he manages to subdue the small boy whose body he wants to take over, but this time he puts his hand on the right side of the boy's face and says the second half of the chant first.

Correction: He said the second half because he did the first half on Tyler in the beginning of the film.

Corrected entry: When Chucky begins to do the ritual on Tyler at the fairgrounds, he says the second half of the chant first and then the first half of the chant second.

Correction: Chucky's chant changes throughout each movie. He never does it the same. Perhaps there is a rule to voodoo that you need to change the chant every time.

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Corrected entry: When Chucky is on Tyler's shoulders and Tyler says "thanks for coming with me", Chucky replies with "what are friends for?" but this is definitely not Brad Dourif's voice. (01:04:20)

Correction: Brad Dourif changes his voice for Chucky for every movie. In Child's Play 1, he went for maniacal. In 2, he went for more maniacal. In 3, he sounds like Jack Nicholson. In Bride, his age catches up to him a bit. In Seed, he sounds slightly older than in Bride. In Curse, he just sounds old.

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Revealing mistake: After Whitehurst is blown up by the grenade and Andy gets to him you can see Whitehurst blinking his eyes even though he is dead. (01:10:45)


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Andy Barclay: What are you doing?
Whitehearst: Polishing Sheldon's shoes.
Andy Barclay: He makes you polish his shoes?
Whitehearst: No, I offered out of the kindness of my heart.

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Trivia: Minor Spoilers for "Cult of Chucky." Series creator Don Mancini's original idea for "Child's Play 3" included multiple Chuckies. When Chucky's blood is accidentally mixed into the molten plastic, every single doll the assembly line produced was going to be possessed by Chucky's spirit. The idea was dropped for time and budgetary reasons, so only the first doll produced had his soul inside of it. Mancini always loved the idea, and was later able to implement a variation of it in the seventh film, "Cult of Chucky." (Although in that film, Chucky is able to possess multiple hosts at the same time thanks to a spell that more-or-less copy/pastes his spirit).

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Question: When Chucky is loading the guns with real ammo instead of paint, why would a military school store or even use live rounds?

Answer: Military schools usually have gun ranges, so they would have live ammunition for that.


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