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Stay Tuned (1992)

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Continuity mistake: When Roy heads back into the dish to rescue Helen, he brings his remote with him. However, later on when the scene cuts to the kids watching their parents on the TV, the remote is seen on the table in front of them.

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Suggested correction: The remote that Roy used to go back into the dish belonged to Roy's neighbor Murray who told Roy to take the remote and get Helen out after being mortally wounded at the club by a local gangster. This enabled Roy to go between channels while Diane and Darryl used their own remote to switch between channels to see everything that was happening on TV.

The remote from the neighbor was destroyed when they jumped to the French Revolution channel.

Revealing mistake: In the scene when Roy returns to rescue Helen, he runs into Spike and then gets shot by him in the chest. When Spike checks Roy, he finds that the remote in his shirt pocket stopped the bullet. However, there isn't a hole in the shirt pocket.

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French Soldier: I would have given you chocolates.

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Trivia: When Roy is flipping through the channels while he is in the TV, he flips over the couch. Two girls come in and ask, "Where have you been?" Roy screams at the panning camera and leaves. That show was Three's Company, which made John Ritter famous.

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