Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned (1992)


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Spike: Set phasers to... Torture.

Helen Knable: Dynamite. He's going to hit me with a train and blow me up? ROY.

Voice over on one of the hvtv channels: And now the all-new mini-series about the French Revolution... Off With His Head, the story of the Marquis de Knable, an enemy of the people, who tries to escape the guillotine by wearing a disguise. It's an epic drama of love, danger, and cross-dressing.

French Soldier: I would have given you chocolates.

Spike: Ew, you're the ugliest bitch in perdition - but you've given me a beautiful idea.

Crowley: Nice disguise. Interesting concept. Diagonal boobs. Could you fix that thing?

Helen Knable: You sadistic bastard.
Spike: Runs in the family! My father was an oil company president.

Wrestling Referee: O.K. everything goes - maim, murder each other, I don't care, but keep it clean. Okay, go to your corners, and when the bell rings, kill or be killed.

Voice over on one of the hvtv channels: The next item we have for you on the Home Shoplifting Channel.

TV Announcer: How did James Dean really die? Find out tonight on Autopsies Of The Rich And Famous.

Revealing mistake: In the scene when Roy returns to rescue Helen, he runs into Spike and then gets shot by him in the chest. When Spike checks Roy, he finds that the remote in his shirt pocket stopped the bullet. However, there isn't a hole in the shirt pocket.

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Trivia: When Roy is flipping through the channels while he is in the TV, he flips over the couch. Two girls come in and ask, "Where have you been?" Roy screams at the panning camera and leaves. That show was Three's Company, which made John Ritter famous.

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