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Corrected entry: Why does Picard give up on destroying the ship when the auto-destruct fails? All they would need to do is drop the magnetic containment seals on the anti-matter pods manually. Then boom, instant warp core breach. Or take a phaser to the warp core. There's gotta be at least 20 ways to blow up the ship without the auto-destruct sequence. The auto-destruct is meant to be able to detonate the warp core without human intervention, giving the crew time to escape. The Captain could have sent the crew to the escape pods and blown the ship up manually.


Correction: This entry simply lists what "could" or "should" have been done, which are not valid mistakes.

Corrected entry: Having the entire senior bridge crew of the Federation flagship beam over into an unknown situation on a Romulan warship seems like an unfathomably stupid thing to do. It's supposed to be Starfleet regulation that a Starfleet captain not beam into an unknown and possibly hostile situation without an armed escort. Captain's aren't even supposed to go on away missions. Even though this was a diplomatic mission, the obvious thing would have been for Commander Riker to remain on board the Enterprise in command in case something happened to the away team. What if the away team was taken captive or killed? The only senior officer left on board was Lt. Commander LaForge.


Correction: This is one of the most important missions that Picard has ever been on. He wants his trusted staff members with him, he does not need to follow regulations to the letter. Besides, the Romulans made the peace overture, it would be very counterproductive for them to attempt something malicious.

Corrected entry: During the climactic battle because the Enterprise's transporter systems fail after Picard transports to the Scimitar. As a result Data has to jump through space, no other reinforcements can go to help and the bad guys cannot be transported off the ship. The Enterprise has several shuttle craft as well as a Captain's Yacht, each of which has their own completely independent transporter system, any of which could have been used instead.

Correction: Stating what "could" have been done in a movie is not a mistake. Besides, the Captain's Yacht and shuttles could have been damaged by the Scimitar's attacks.

Correction: Enterprise goes through a number of modifications between "First Contact" & "Nemesis", including having the warp nacelle pylons moved forward, the connections between the saucer section & the engineering hull modified & phaser arrays & torpedo tubes modified to account for blind spots (you can see the differences on screen at times). Extra decks could have been added at the same time.

Corrected entry: Do you think the filmmakers copied a little from Star Trek 2? Let's see. The captain's 'Nemesis' shows up in both episodes with pretty much the ultimate doomsday weapon. The second most beloved crew member - the most logical one at that - sacrifices himself to save the entire ship (and possibly the Earth itself). The logical crew member also just happened to implant all of his memories to another person before he sacrificed himself.

Correction: Observations about the film's similarity to another film do not qualify as trivia.

Corrected entry: Data sacrifices himself at the end to save Picard and the crew. In the final episode, "All Good Things" where Picard keeps going back and forth through time, Data is in the future era where Picard is an Ambassador/old man. Unless B-4 actually becomes Data (which can be determined by the singing), Data should not exist in those sequences of "All Good Things"

Sebastian Kaldwell

Correction: Time travel stories are rarely cut-and-dried. Q showed Picard a possible future; it doesn't mean that it's the future that will eventually become the real one - indeed, as Picard has now seen that possible future, he may well take have already taken steps towards avoiding it, either consciously or unconsciously. Equally, your built-in correction may well be correct - that Data's memories "woke up" in B-4, effectively resurrecting the character.

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Corrected entry: If we are to believe Picard's comment that Doctor Soong was being whimsical in naming the prototype android "B-4," then we must accept that Doctor Soong had some foreknowledge of the future - he had to have known it would work and he would be constructing other androids. It's akin to finding a coin stamped "100 B.C."

JC Fernandez

Correction: If Soong chooses to name a prototype "B-4", he's not mystically foretelling the future, he's merely displaying a (justifiable) degree of confidence in his own ability, telling himself that it's going to work. And, given that B-4 is the prototype, of course his eventual goal would be to build further models. What else does one do after creating a successful prototype? This is nothing more than confidence and Soong's whimsical sense of humour.

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Corrected entry: Data and Picard escape the Scimitar aboard the hijacked scorpion and then were beamed aboard the Enterprise. Shortly after this, Data is speaking to B-4. How did B-4 get aboard the Enterprise?

Correction: B-4 never made it off the Enterprise, Data went in his place after figuring out what was going on.

Corrected entry: Geordi has his cybernetic implants back, after having grown functional biological irises in the previous movie. Why is this? He might've needed to be in the Briar Patch for the metaphasic effect there to make his optic nerve regenerate, but once the iris is there, it's there. There was nothing to suggest that the nerve requires constant exposure to the radiation in order to remain, any more than damaged skin would require constant exposure to a dermal regenerator once it's back to normal.

Correction: In Insurrection, Geordi said himself that his regained vision may not last. Apparently, it did not.

Corrected entry: When the landing party is on the planet, where they find B4, everyone and everything casts a shadow, except for the shuttle, giving away that it's CGI.


Correction: The shadow is visible to the left of the path which the vehicle that Picard, Worf, and Data are driving. (Since the shuttle is not touching the ground, its shadow will not be touching it).

Corrected entry: Shinzon has been a slave in the mines his whole life with only the Remans as his family. So when exactly did he find out what the Romulans' plan was after it was decided he wasn't going to be used to replace Picard? The Remans would have no reason to know this information so that only leaves the Romulans, so what benefit does it give the Romulans to inform Shinzon of what his life was from, other than to give Shinzon a ridiculous excuse for revenge?

Correction: It's quite plausible that Shinzon would have found out by it accidentally, or deliberately, being leaked. The Romulans could have used it to taunt him, letting him know he was just a wasted experiment. Or Romulans might have talked about it when they visited the planet & it was overheard and relayed back to Shinzon.


Corrected entry: The Scimitar's shields are still up when the Enterprise rams it. Shouldn't the Enterprise bounce off the Scimitar's shields instead of plowing straight through its forward hull?

Correction: While a Starship's shields are capable of deflecting very small items (This is why a photon torpedo can't penetrate them - photon torpedos are a matter-antimatter warhead and a navigation system, all contained within a casing about two meters in length), their primary purpose is to deflect energy weapons away from the hull. A starship would use a completely different system to deflect larger objects, the Navigational Deflector, but even that would be ineffective against a collision. It has been shown during the TNG Episode, "Preemptive Strike" that something as small as a shuttlecraft can penetrate the shields with ease. This is why starships have Tractor Beams - focused, linear, graviton beams to push or pull objects away - but as another TNG Episode, "Cause and Effect" shows, even those aren't too useful when another starship is heading straight for you.

Corrected entry: How is it that Shinzon (Picard's clone), has the same accent? Accents are learned environmentally, and are not genetic. It's stated that Shinzon was shipped off at an early age when the plans to replace Picard were scrapped. So where did he learn the accent?


Correction: In order to replace Picard, he would have to educated like Picard. Whatever means were used to educate the clone could have included the accent (if you are beaming thoughts into someone's head, it shouldn't be to hard to adjust the accent on that inner voice they hear).


Corrected entry: In the scene where Deanna Troi uses her telepathic ability to find the Scimitar, she has her hand on Worf's. You notice she is only wearing one ring on her wedding finger. In a later scene where Picard orders her to ram the Scimitar, it is clear she is wearing several on her finger. When did she have time to get them? (01:21:30 - 01:28:10)

Correction: She is wearing two rings the whole time: a smooth, small ring (typical wedding ring) and a bigger, ornated ring. In the first scene they are only so close together they look like one ring, but you can tell there are two because the smaller one is darker and more shiny than the big one and glares more and different.


Corrected entry: During the shot of the Enterprise-E tearing through the shuttlebay on the Reman Warbird, you can see a Reman who gets crushed between two Scorpion class shuttles on the centre-right as they collide. However, when that debris clears, the Reman is nowhere to be seen. (01:28:50)

Correction: There are massive forces working and if they can push away a Scorpion that easily it is very plaussible that an much lighter Reman is also pushed away, even faster but is pressed against the Scorpion and so outside of sight while pushed away.


Corrected entry: When Dr. Crusher is explaining to Picard about Shinzon's aging process, she explains about temporal RNA. But a few seconds later, watch her mouth as she says RNA - the voice over says DNA. (01:04:00)

Correction: No, she does say DNA and so is the movement of the lips.


Corrected entry: Right before Picard and Data fly out of the shuttle bay you see a group or Remens firing on the shuttle bay doors standing in a tight formation. The camera angle changes and they are now spread out. (01:00:56)


Correction: They are still in the same formation, but from behind it only appears less tight than from the side.


Corrected entry: During the desert chase scene, Picard and Data lose, then regain their sunglasses.

Correction: They don't wear them when they start driving, but while and after backing up and turn around you don't see what they are doing. They could easily put them back on in that time.


Corrected entry: Why would the Remans chose to name their battleship 'Scimitar' after a Terran weapon? Even though Shinzon was cloned from Picard's DNA, he does not seem to have Picard's memories.

Correction: Why do they speak English at all? By suspension of disbelief, we accept that the Romulans/Remans speak in a language the viewers understand. Under this rule, it is highly likely that the ship was named after a Romulan/Reman weapon, that resembled an Earth scimitar. Hence, the name is "translated" for our benefit.


Corrected entry: When Shinzon begins to descend the staircase in the meeting chamber in which he first meets the away team, he raises the light level, causing the Viceroy to step back into the shadows, because Remans are sensitive to light. But when the meeting is over, the Viceroy walks back up the steps with Shinzon before Shinzon tells the computer to lower the light level again, with no ill effects. It actually appears that the light had already been lowered, and didn't change again after Shinzon's order. (00:33:20)

Correction: The Remans are only sensitive to light due to them spending several years underground, it does not kill them. Most likely the viceroy's eyes would hurt when he stepped into the light, but he chose to ignore the pain so that he could accompany Shinzon after the meeting with the Enterprise crew was completed.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Picard, Data and Worf are on the planet, just a few shots after they leave the shuttle, Picard drives a sharp left curve. If you look at him in this shot, it is not Patrick Stewart sitting on the driver's seat, but his stuntman, who is not even wearing goggles. (00:12:45)

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Captain Picard: In his quest to be more like us, he helped show us what it means to be human.

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Trivia: In the scene towards the end where Picard toasts Data he says "to absent friends." This is the same toast that Kirk used in Star Trek 3 in reference to Spock.

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Question: Who becomes the Enterprise's new first officer since Data's death? I know about the deleted scene which shows a new first officer meeting Picard, but since it was deleted I assume it never actually happened. The only person I can think of is Worf but does anyone know for sure?

Answer: It's unknown, and, with no TNG films on the horizon, will most likely remain that way for some time. Without information to the contrary, it's probably reasonable to assume that, despite the scene being deleted, Commander Martin Madden (the new first officer seen in that scene) does indeed take the position.

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