White Oleander

Trivia: In the scene where Renee Zellwegger and Astrid are watching Renee's film, that's an actual clip from one of Renee's first movies; "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation."

Trivia: Janet Brown, author, based Ingrid on a Japanese character she read about, who lived life by her own set of rules and her own laws. The white kimono she wore had significance. When writing to Astrid, "We are both in prison, you and I, punished for our strength and independence" that is truly how she thought of her situation. Astrid's question asking why she murdered Barry to which she replied "Self-defense. He was killing me!" was her also her truth.

Trivia: The director was thrilled when Ingrid and Astrid were on the roof and, by sheer luck and coincidence, a real helicopter flew by.

Trivia: Robin Wright Penn (Star) caused the cast and crew to stare in awe the first time she walked down the steps of the trailer in her tight pink and purple outfit, said,"Hey, y'all!" to Mrs. Martinez and Astrid, and continued on as someone none of them recognized. This was the total opposite of the quiet, composed and extremely classy woman they all knew. Robin said the role was the easiest she ever played; she simply based the character on her favorite aunt in Texas.

Trivia: When Ingrid is cutting the oleanders down, a man says,"Oleanders are poisonous. I don't know why anyone grows them." This is the voice of Michael, a reclusive neighbor, with whom Astrid has developed a very good and appropriate friendship; they keep each other company during the long hours Ingrid leaves her alone at home. He is a significant character in the book and, originally, was in the movie. Unfortunately, the movie ran long, and his part was edited out after all filming was finished.

Trivia: In the book, Astrid felt a lot of guilt about Ingrid's work at the magazine, feeling she was the reason her mother couldn't "be free." After hearing the Annie story, it is obvious who put that idea in her head. (So, we are shown a quick scene of them while Ingrid works.) Astrid also felt guilty when she outgrew her shoes, always waiting until they fell apart, then choosing the cheapest pair she found.Thus, the shot of her at school starting with a look at her blue flip flops and panning up to her face.

Trivia: The prison scenes were all shot the same day, for security reasons. (It is almost unheard-of for an occupied, running prison to allow filming.) This shows the real talent of Allison Lohman, the only character to be in every scene of the movie, by showing her ability to age from 13 to 18 in the five hours the filming was allowed.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the movie Astrid's eyebrows change colour from a light brown to a dark brown.

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Astrid: Looks don't interest me.
Paul: That's easy for you to say, you've never been ugly.

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