The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Trivia: This film was completed in 2000, but it was not released until 2002.


Trivia: Alec Baldwin has an uncredited role as the gangster Michael Zoroaster Marucci. Baldwin wanted his role to be uncredited as he hated this movie so much.

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Suggested correction: Yes, that's what the person who posted this on IMDb said, too.

That's not a valid correction. If the trivia was simply plagiarized word-for-word from IMDb, then it might be a problem... but it's not. It's worded differently. (Although to be fair, I've seen people plagiarize trivia from MovieMistakes on IMDb. I've submitted trivia on here, only to see it copy/pasted word-for-word on IMDb a few days/weeks later. At a certain point, it becomes a chicken/egg situation where you can't tell which came first.) But the fact that both trivia sections mention the same basic thing isn't an issue.


Trivia: Many involved with the film have spoken about its poor reception. Eddie Murphy has joked that he knows "two or three" people that like it. Director Ron Underwood has said he thinks the film "was not very good." And co-star Joe Pantoliano has said "because of the material and the style in which some players came to work, we were off the mark, you know?" Pantoliano has also expressed regret at the way the film impacted director Underwood's career, saying Underwood was "victimized" by it.


Trivia: Reportedly, Eddie Murphy, director Ron Underwood and the producers all had different ideas for what the style, tone and humor of the film should be. Murphy, being the biggest name, would often overrule director Underwood and the producers, and he allegedly also supervised reshoots without Underwood involved.


Trivia: "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" is one of the most notorious box-office bombs in history, losing the studio nearly $100 million.


Trivia: The film was originally written in the mid-1980's, but was passed around back and forth until it finally went into production nearly 15 years later.


Factual error: During the fight scene on the moon outside Pluto Nash's hideout, dust can be seen floating around when kicked up. In the absence of an atmosphere and in low gravity, dust wouldn't form in clouds, but would just fly up and fall like water.


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Pluto Nash: You blew up my wood bar stools. You know how hard it is to get wood on the moon?

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Question: I know Hilary Clinton is on one of the denomination of the lunar money. But at the end, when Felix is in Pluto's new club, there's money sitting on a waitress' tray of a different denomination with someone else on it. Who is on that bill? If there were other bills seen (i.e. deleted scenes) who is on those?


Answer: You can't see any other bills and there are no deleted scenes that show the money either. The only money gag in the film is with Hilary Clinton.


At 1:27:38 there's money on the waitress' tray that does not appear to be Clinton as the profile angle is different.


That's true but you cannot see it well enough to answer the question of who is on the bill.


I couldn't tell either, or find it online. That's why I asked, hoping someone with knowledge of Pluto Nash props would know or perhaps it was mentioned in a DVD extra somewhere. It's clear that it's lunar money and time and effort went into making it, so someone has to know.


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