Red Dragon

Corrected entry: Reba opens the door for Francis, but calls him "Ralph". (01:46:05)

Correction: Reba is blind and didn't know it was Francis at the door. Ralph just dropped her off, and she thought it was him.


Corrected entry: When Ralph Fiennes has Emily Watson in his house, and he is going to shoot her and then himself, he decides he can't kill her. You assume he's shooting himself, and we hear a shot, and see blood splatter all over Emily. He instead shot the man he'd already killed earlier in the day. A dead body doesn't leave a blood splatter - if the heart isn't pumping blood, it can't splatter.

Jack's Revenge

Correction: There's still blood in the arteries of the body, it'll still leave splatter from the force of the gunshot. Furthermore, the body has been dead less than an hour, so there hasnt been any time for the blood to congeal either.


Corrected entry: This error applies to the DVD version of the movie. When reading the Lecter case files in the special features section, the dates in which the events of the movie take place are all in the 1970's. However, the movie says that they occur in the 1980's. Which is it?

Correction: DVD special features are not part of the film and so mistakes in them are not applicable. In any case, this is a question, not a mistake.

Corrected entry: The Toothfairy case is supposed to take place a few years after Hannibal is caught. When Will takes his shirt off and his scar is visible, the scar is still fresh. You can tell by the color of it.

Correction: You can't really tell much about the age of a scar from the colour. People heal differently, and some will get scarred much easier than others. I have a scar from childhood that looks like it happened a month ago.

Corrected entry: Will Graham finally figures out how the Tooth Fairy knows the inside of the Jacobi house by realising the Chromalux name printed on the videotape box is the video transfer company. But given that he spent a lot of time reviewing the tapes, didn't he notice the Leeds family also had a video made by the same company? Why didn't he notice the Chromalux name on their video too? How could he have missed the connection?

Correction: He never saw the Leeds' family tape, since it was taken by Mr. Leeds' son (the one from his first marriage). Actually, after having his "insight", Graham has to ask an investigator about the list of objects taken by Leeds' son - and that's when he discovers the Leeds also had a tape.


Corrected entry: When Ralph Fiennes is in the Brooklyn museum, and hits the woman showing him the painting, over the head, you hear the sound before he actually hits her.

Correction: I concur with the other correction. Just loaded up my copy and the sound definitely plays right when contact is made.


Correction: I don't know if there is a delay glitch with whatever medium you watched this on, but I watched this film on Netflix and the sound of her getting hit in the head happens in sync with the blow itself.


Corrected entry: When Dolarhyde shoots Ralph Mandy outside Reba's house, it is very apparent that the red hole in his forehead is there before he gets shot. It's even more obvious in slow-motion where you can see the entry wound from the start and he reacts when the blood explodes from the back of his head and not when the bullet supposedly enters from the front.

David Mercier

Correction: I watched this last night and the camera instantly cuts to him with the wound in his forehead after the shot of Dolarhyde shooting him. The wound isn't already there. And him reacting to the bullet exiting his head rather than getting shot in the first place isn't a mistake either, as the bullet travels faster than his ability to process what just happened to him.


Corrected entry: True to the novel Hannibal persists in asking Graham, on his asylum visits, how he managed to catch him. However, the film's departure from the novel, i.e. the opening scene in Venice (presumably added in order to increase the role of Hannibal in this prequel to the hugely successful Silence of The Lambs), makes that a silly question. He was getting closer but Graham had no idea who was responsible for Hannibal's series of murders until he "confessed" it for himself with his knife attack on Graham. (00:34:00)


Correction: That's totally untrue. Graham was figuring it out looking at the diagrams and photos in Lecter's office and Lecter realized it, so he attacked him, hoping to murder him and keep him quiet. He just didn't know exactly what had tipped him off, so he persists in asking what mistake of his made Graham figure it out.

White Lock

Corrected entry: It is said that they found out that the dead body is not Dolarhyde because of DNA tests; however, DNA couldn't be taken in those days.

Correction: This film is set a 'few years' before the events of 'Silence of the Lambs' and as noted elsewhere appears to be set in 1988. The first paper suggesting DNA 'fingerprinting' as a method of identification was published in 'Nature' in 1984. DNA identification was first used in a criminal case in the UK in 1985 and in the US (in a rape case in Orange County, Florida) in 1986, years before the events of this film.

Corrected entry: Dolarhyde pours a flamable liquid onto the floor of his house and creates a brilliant fire with ceiling-high flames and absolutely no smoke whatsoever. A real fire would have blackened the top half of the room during the minute or so it took him to fake his suicide after lighting the fire.

Correction: Some flammable liquids burn with very little smoke. We don't know exactly which liquid he used.

Corrected entry: Will is teaching his wife how to shoot a gun. However, they are standing on a distance of about 30m from the target. When I was learning how to shoot when I was an MP we never shot from a bigger distance than 10m, since the gun isn't accurate enough to shoot bigger distances.

Correction: I have seen military pistol ranges with targets out to 50 meters. Not easy, but it can be done.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Dragon sets the ring of fire, he fires a shot and Emily is covered in blood. During the whole scene, Ralph (the man who is shot) is nowhere to be found, despite several wide shots of the fire being lit. How did the Dragon pull him through the fire, hold him up, and then shoot him in the head without moving out of the room?

Correction: It's possible that Dolarhyde already had Ralph's body in the room, someplace strategically hidden (i.e. in the room, but not in a place that is easily visible to the audience).

Cubs Fan

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ed Norton is teaching his wife to shoot, there is absolutely no muzzle blast as she takes each shot. Muzzle blast is always present when a gun is fired.

Correction: I assume by muzzle-blast you mean the flash at the end of the barrel. No gun produces a muzzle-blast with every shot. Also the flashes are often not visible on film because of the way film picks up light. Many films add flash with optical/computer effects or pyrotechnics to make it easier to pick up on film.

Corrected entry: Lounds has to read out a text written by the Red Dragon. First off, there are things in the text which the Red Dragon didn't know about when he wrote the piece. For instance, the fact that Lounds wrote the article on police order. Second, after Lounds read the text he talks to the Red Dragon, stating he wants to understand. After that he screams in pain as he gets his tongue (?) bitten out. The problem is, that on the tape the police receive, the text that Lounds had to read out loud and Lounds' screams are right after one another, without the spoken words in between, where he states that he wants to understand.

Correction: The tape was stopped when the Red Dragon was talking, and then restarted before the reporter said "Hello". This was to stop the police from identifying who is the Red Dragon.

Corrected entry: The coroner identifies Ralph's body as Dolarhyde because Dolarhyde's dentures are in his mouth. To fit the dentures into the corpse's mouth would require knocking/pulling out Ralph's existing teeth, which any coroner would be able to tell would have been done post-mortem because Ralph's gums would not have had time to close and heal over. (01:53:33)

Correction: The fire would have burnt the corpse to a crisp and would have made it hard for the coroner to tell, but it is irrelevant since they went with D.N.A. and found that the tooth fairy was still alive.

Corrected entry: At the start of Red Dragon,Will seems to be having a hard time tracking down the killer or understanding that the killer is in fact the good Doctor. Surely he would have had a full statement from Mason Verger,the only surviving victim of Hannibal the Cannibal,a 'fact' later established in Hannibal.If Mason survived,why doesn't Will know about it?

Correction: Because it's likely that Verger was still undergoing treatment for his horrific injuries. Also, Mason actually cut his own face off and semi-hung himself, Lecter might have encouraged this behaviour but that was the height of his involvement; he never tried to eat him. Remember in Hannibal, Verger isn't trying to get the police to catch Lecter and punish him, he is organising it himself so it's quite possible this was also running through his mind earlier on.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: The text of Hannibal Lecter's message to the Tooth Fairy is "Graham home: Marathon, Florida. Save yourself. Kill them all." Sans spacing and punctuation, the message is 48 characters in length. Lecter's message in the Tattler listed only 47 Bible verses (line/letter pairs). Perhaps Dr. Lecter can't spell "Florida." (01:04:48)

Correction: When they read out the message they say "Gr'ham home: Marathon, Florida. Save yourself. Kill them all," distinctly missing the "a" out of Graham's surname when it's pronounced. It is quite possible that Lecter did this as well in order to make it fit his code.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: When Dolarhyde fires the shotgun in his house, blood spatters on Reba's face. When this happens, Reba is sitting in the middle of the couch, and there is an end table with a phone on it between her and Dolarhyde. You'd think at least some of the furniture would get blood on it too, but as the camera pulls back, we see there is no blood anywhere on the couch, the table, or the side of the phone.

Correction: She is standing when blood spatters her, but then she falls back onto the couch. Also the blood was aimed at Reba, not the furniture.

Corrected entry: In the Silence of the Lambs, Benjamin Raspaile had a full head of hair. In Red Dragon, he's shown as a bald man (the flautist in the beginning). Something doesn't add up there.

Correction: He was a transvestite - the hair is a wig.

Corrected entry: In the scene near the beginning of the film when Hannibal attacks Will, Will first holds a pistol, you can see the shell ejection port, but when he shoots Hannibal, he is using a revolver.

Correction: He originally pulled his semi-auto pistol but lost it while being stabbed. The revolver is his back-up that came from his ankle holster.

Continuity mistake: When we first see Will Graham investigating the Jacobi household it is night time, yet once he is inside and heading up the stairs, the window behind him clearly shows daylight.

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Trivia: During the scene when Dolarhyde takes Reba to the zoo, the tiger she pets is not sedated. Because of the humane society they could not sedate the tiger. Instead the trainer is to the left just out of the shot keeping the tiger calm.

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Question: How did Dolarhyde pick the women that he would kill?

Answer: The two familes had their home movies sent to Chromalux for developing. Dolarhyde is the director of technical services, so he has access to every tape that Chromalux recieves. He discovered Mrs. Leeds and Mrs. Jacobi through their respective home movies.

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