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Factual error: In the scene when Will is opening the drawer of films from the Leeds home, there is clearly a copy of Mrs. Doubtfire in the left column of tapes. How can that be? Red Dragon is clearly set "several years" after 1980, as the caption says, but before the 1991 Silence of the Lambs, but "Mrs. Doubtfire" came out in 1993.

Continuity mistake: When Emily Watson first strokes the tiger on the table her watch says 11:15, on the next stroke her watch says 11:20. Then the doctor hands her the stethoscope and her watch says 12:00.

Continuity mistake: When we first see Will Graham investigating the Jacobi household it is night time, yet once he is inside and heading up the stairs, the window behind him clearly shows daylight.

Continuity mistake: In the scene near the end where Graham and his son are trapped in the bedroom, the Red Dragon attempts to break down the door. After many forceful attempts, we see parts of the door jamb and moulding break-away and stick out from the wall. However, when Mrs. Graham enters the room after the shootout, the door jamb and moulding are in perfect condition.

Other mistake: When Dolarhyde is taking Reba to the zoo in his van, there is a shot of the road he is traveling on behind him. For the entire trip, he is driving on the wrong side of the road.

Continuity mistake: Before they reveal the face of the Red Dragon, they show him flipping through his book of newsclippings. He focuses on the face of the Tattler reporter and puts red markings through his face. When they show him closing the book, you can clearly see the face and the markings are noticeably different in the wide shot from the close up.

Continuity mistake: In the end gunfight segment, the gun held by the main character is at first a revolver. When he is lying shot on the floor before his wife picks it up it changes to a regular pistol.

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Suggested correction: Will actually pulls two guns out of the lockbox. He fires the revolver but drops both guns when he is shot. Molly picks up the semiauto to shoot at Dolarhyde.

Other mistake: When Ralph Fiennes wakes up after sleeping with Emily Watson we see the elaborate tattoo work on his back. We also see the blue overspray from the outside of the stencils used to create the tattoo.

Continuity mistake: When Will Graham (Norton) and the other investigator are at that restaurant, there's a car (it looks like a police car) outside behind Will's head that appears and disappears once or twice during that scene.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Norton's wife is target shooting with the revolver, there aren't any bullet heads showing in the cylinder. There's also no recoil as she fires.

Factual error: In the scene where Will Graham is flying from DC to Baltimore to return the note to Lecter's cell, we see a panoramic view of DC and the Potomac River. We see him fly over the FDR Monument (located on the Cherry Tree Walk on the Tidal Basin near the national mall). Although that area was authorized a Park on September 5, 1959, the monument itself wasn't constructed until 1990 and was dedicated on May 2, 1997. It wouldn't have been there for him to fly over.

Continuity mistake: When the janitor goes back to mopping after returning the letter written to Hannibal to his cell, he stuffs the rubber glove into his back pocket. When it is first shown, there is one finger sticking out, but when Hannibal notices it, there are two.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Emily Watson is petting the tiger, her hair alternates with the two shots: first it's tucked behind her ears, then it's not. It goes back and forth about 5 times.

Factual error: When the FBI scrambles the helicopter to return the letter to Lecter's cell in Balimore, the camera pans across a scenic view of Washington. You see the famous sites - the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in the bottom right of the screen. Trouble is the Museum opened in 1993 and the movie is set before 1991.

Other mistake: Looking at a close-up of Ralph Fiennes make-up for his cleft lip/palate, there is a scar from his left lip to his left nostril, but there is a gap in the middle, which should definitely not be there. Once an incision is made, that's it, there is no reason to stop in the middle. In other shots of his face there are no gaps.


Visible crew/equipment: When we first see the "Tooth Fairy" he is lifting weights in a room full of mirrors. If you look close, you can see one or more crew members reflected in some of the mirrors. The most obvious is a man standing, whom I am guessing to be the director or a grip.

Continuity mistake: At the end, Chilton tells Hannibal there's a young FBI agent here to speak to him. He asks what her name is and the film ends. Assuming it's Clarice from "Silence of the Lambs," Lecter doesn't have the same drawings on the wall as he does in "Lambs" when she first visits him.

Continuity mistake: When Graham and Hannibal are talking for the first time, Hannibal walks right up to the glass wall and there is a close up of his face from Grahams side of the glass. You can see that there is no reflection of Graham on it, thus meaning that there is no glass wall there in between Hannibal and Graham. This happens frequently through out the movie.

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Dolarhyde is holding Graham's son hostage, in alternating shots, the glass is in the kid's cheek, then in front of it.


Character mistake: At the very beginning of the film, when Hannibal Lecter is serving dinner to his guests, one diner asks "what is this divine looking amuse-bouche" when she and the other guests have a full plate of food. An amuse-bouche is a single bite of food meant to be served at the beginning of a meal, not a plate full of food. Lecter's guests would be better educated.


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Question: At the beginning of the film, Will Graham discovered that Hannibal Lecter was the murderer he had been searching for. How was he able to do this? All he did was open a book and the word 'Sweet Bread' appeared on a page. Could some explain this to me?

Answer: The victims had particular body parts removed. Will saw recipes in the book belonging to Lecter for those particular body parts and made a leap of intuition.


Answer: It is revealed through a conversation between Will and Hannibal that Will already suspected Hannibal but had failed to act on his intuition. This combined with the recipes Will sees, that correspond with the missing body parts, highlighted in Hannibal's cookbook and the penny drops.

Answer: "Sweetbreads" is an organ meat (like kidney or liver)...he wrote it in the book as he most likely cooked it.

Answer: When Lecter and Graham were talking at Lecter's desk, Will went into a story about how his son's grandpa was showing him how to carve a chicken. When he showed him a part on the back that he referred to as "oysters" it caught his attention because he hadn't heard that before. Now a few moments later he finds the cookbook which referred to other parts of animals that can be used to make what they called "sweetbread." From the previous conversation at the desk it was safe to say Will was already somewhat suspicious of Lecter because of his analysis.

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