Sweet Home Alabama

Question: At one point, Melanie mentions that Jake got her pregnant several years ago. Was the baby stillborn or did she get an abortion?

Answer: She had a miscarriage.

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Answer: She had an abortion because she said it would have altered her future plans and admitted to feeling so ashamed.

Melanie did not have an abortion. When she's talking to Jake's mother, Stella Kay, at the bar, it's mentioned that Melanie had a miscarriage. Melanie felt ashamed because after losing the baby, she ran out on Jake and their marriage to pursue her own goals in New York.

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Doesn't Melanie say she's ashamed for being relieved about losing the baby?

Question: In the scene where Jake is driving Andrew to find Melanie, he tells the story about the cat. The cat had cancer and Melanie wanted it to die a "humane" death. What is humane about blowing it up and if it was gonna die of cancer all those years ago why is it still roaming around town?

Answer: It was only humane from Melanie's skewed, immature-at-the-time perspective, believing the cat would be killed instantly. It is still roaming town because it somehow survived the attempt to blow it up and it either never had cancer or has gone into remission.

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Question: How old was Melanie when she married Jake?

Answer: We can assume 17 or 18. Jake tells Andrew that she 'got pregnant and married some loser right out of high school'.

Question: Given how organized she's supposed to be why didn't she sign those papers prior to going home for Jake's signature? That and why not tell her boyfriend the truth? He looked like he'd understand.


Answer: Melanie didn't sign the papers because, deep down, she still loved Jake, and probably, subconsciously, hoped they'd get back together. She didn't tell her boyfriend because she mostly was in denial about the state of her feelings and her marriage. She'd fooled herself into believing she had signed the papers.

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Answer: Also the director made a point it was never about rediscovering herself or Jake, it was choosing between what she had planned and what she truly wanted. The director also talked about how she did not pack enough clothes, so she wore her old clothes, she was supposed to be there for a long weekend but she wanted to be there, so it was obvious she wanted to stay.

Answer: If Melanie was happy, why did she take her engagement ring off when she stopped by Jakes and it's obvious he was still her everything seeing as she went there first before her parents.

Answer: She didn't sign the divorce papers on purpose. That is why Jake never signed them because then he might have to face the fact that it was over. That is why Melanie never went home, she might have to accept that it was over and Jake might have moved on, that is why she said yes to Andrew's proposal. Also when Melanie did not sign the papers at the wedding, when she dumped Andrew, that was the first time that Melanie was honest to herself and the people around her about how she felt and what she had longed for, for the last seven years.

The only reason Melanie said yes to Andrew's proposal is because she did not know that Jake felt the same way. The reason that Melanie did not sign the papers at the wedding because she had to be honest with herself and the people around her about how she felt and what she had longed for since she left.

Question: At what age did Jake get Melanie pregnant?

Answer: They said it was the night of the big football game, so they were probably seniors in high school.

Answer: It was never specified how old either was, though probably when they were around 20 years old.

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Question: In at least one scene of the NYC mayor's office/residence, the flag on the other side of her desk from the U.S. flag appears to be the flag of Mexico. Is this correct?


Chosen answer: That's the flag of New York City - see http://flagspot.net/flags/us-nyc.html. While it does look similar to Mexico, the Mexican flag is green, white, and red instead of blue, white, and red.

Question: Why is Carmichael on her divorce papers when her name is Smooter or Perry?

Answer: After moving to New York to start her fashion career, Melanie changed her maiden surname from Smooter to Carmichael, and that became her legal name. She initiated divorce proceedings without any intention of resuming her old life, which embarrassed her and she tried to hide. Like many women, she did not use her married name (Perry) after ending her marriage and may never have used it. Also, using "Smooter" on her divorce papers would have exposed her lie.

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It did not embarrass her, Melanie never wanted to return to Pigeon Creek if her and Jake were over, she kept hoping they would get back together. That's what annoying, people assumed she was ashamed but as the meaning of the film is 'Home is where the heart is'. That feeling of where she longs to be never left even when she was in New York and obviously that was to be with Jake.

Revealing mistake: When Reese is leaving the dog cemetery, she brushes against one of the tombstones that has a stone dog on the top of it, yet as she walks past the dog begins to rock back and forth - clearly this is not a stone headstone. Pet cemeteries, just like human, have sturdy stone headstones to withstand the elements, not plastic. (01:06:40)

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Melanie Carmichael: You're the first boy I ever kissed, Jake, and I want you to be the last.

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Trivia: During the film's original outdoor reception Jake carries Melanie, who feigns death after having supposedly been struck by a lightening bolt, towards the wedding guests. Jake announces, "Melanie Carmichael is dead" but then a few seconds later he says, "Long live Felony Melanie." Jake and Melanie do this as a practical joke. The reaction of Melanie's mother at the supposed death of her daughter apparently upset the test audiences so much, that the production crew reshot the whole reception scene, minus the practical joke.

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