Lost and Delirious

Lost and Delirious (2001)


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Paulie: Mouse, where is your father? Did I see you cry? Did you cry like a girl? Like a girly, girly girl? I've been crying, too, Mary B. I've been crying like a girly girl, sucky suck for weeks now! And it's time... it's time for the raptor... Are you with me? I hate my father! Say it, it's easy... come on... Say I hate MY father.

Paulie: When she's old, I'm going to carry her around on my back.

Mouse: Have you ever been really thirsty? And you open a carton of milk and you pour it in your mouth... and it's... sour. That happened. Inside me. Forever.

Tori: Paulie, listen to me ok, because I'm going to say this once and never, ever again. I will never love anyone the way that I love you. Never. You know that, and I know that, and I will die knowing that, ok? But it just can never... it just can never, ever, forever be. Do you understand? It just can never, ever, forever be.

Mouse: I felt like a gray mouse heading straight for the mouth of a cat, and there was nothing, nothing I could do about it.

Tori: I could totally give my life for blueberry pancakes.

Tori: Hey! Look, I know it's weird at first. But now, this is much more home to me than home. Like the lost boys in Peter Pan, right? Except we are the lost girls, right? Lost and Delirious.

Alison Moller and friends: It's morning time, you lazy sluts! Out of bed, or we kick your butts.

Paulie: Lesbian? Lesbian? Are you fucking kidding me, you think I'm a lesbian?
Mouse: You're a girl in love with a girl, aren't you?
Paulie: No! I'm paulie in love with tori. Remember? And Tori, she is, she is in love with me because she is mine and I am hers and neither of us are lesbians.

Paulie: Shall I abide in this dull world, which in her absence is no better then a sty?

Plot hole: If Tori (Jessica Pare) has fears of being discovered that she's a lesbian and involved with Paulie (Piper Perabo), why would they be making out in the schoolyard and hanging all over each other in the gazebo?

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Question: I'm looking for the title and performer of one of the songs from "Lost and delirious"; it's played when Paulie is going to visit the bird for the first time, and then the same song is played again when the credits roll. I've tried most of the songs listed in the credits but I haven't found the one I'm looking for. Can anyone help me?

Answer: It is apparently an original work called 'Ensemble vocal d'Outremont' by Foley artist Jérome Décarire. Foley is the sound effects used in film and television production. For example, a foley library consists of a data bank of available sounds. A foley technician will create sounds that do not exist in the library.


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