Two Can Play That Game

Continuity mistake: When Tony and Keith are playing dominoes, Tony picks up the ones in front of him and then they are back on the table as the camera angle changes from each guy talking.


Continuity mistake: When the guys are talking at the golf course about what they saw in church, the golf players in the background change as the camera changes angles to focus on who is talking. This happens throughout the conversation.


Continuity mistake: When Vivica Fox's character is leaving the office at the beginning of the film, she is handed a bouquet of flowers (not wrapped in anything). Next, she sets them on the passenger seat of her car and the camera shows them covered with a clear plastic wrap, but when she arrives home and grabs them off the seat they aren't wrapped.

Continuity mistake: When Ashante enters the Promotional Party for Miller G. Draft Beer, the curliness of her hair changes from one shot, as well as scene, to another, up until the scene where she talks to Keith in the club at the end of the movie.

Continuity mistake: Right after the "Transference Of Negative Energy" the boys are out dancing with 2 ladies and as they are talking at the bar the dancers in the background are shown dancing in different positions with different people as the camera angle changes between the guys talking.


Tony: The CIA ain't got shit on a woman with a plan.

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