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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when Owen Wilson stops Eddie Murphy from leaving after they see that Carlos has taken credit for saving the day and is telling him about the hover gel there is a black car outside behind Eddie that people get in and leave, then the car is back, disappears and reappears when the camera is going back and forth from Eddie to Owen.

Plot hole: During the boxing match where Eddie Murphy is wearing the special contact lenses, he sees that Owen Wilson's life is in danger. So much so, that he rushes out of the ring instead of doing his usual grand-standing. But when he shows up at the tower to rescue Owen, he has on pants and a shirt. I guess he figured Owen could hold out long enough for him to get dressed?

Plot hole: The henchmen are chasing the protagonists while they escape in their red waiter's jackets. The henchman at the rear of the group is mindlessly firing his automatic through the backs of his comrades in a quality display of friendly fire.

Continuity mistake: When Owen gives an electric shock to the man on the stairs, his coat is open while he's on the stairs, but when he arrives at the top of the stairs, it is not.

Continuity mistake: Immediately after the title, there are two women sitting on a couch and two women behind the couch when Eddie Murphy sits down. After he sits, there are only three. The woman behind the couch on the right side is later on the couch on the right side. The one previously on the couch on the right side is missing. (00:06:40)

Continuity mistake: When Famke Janssen drives Owen and Eddie to the party, it is a stretch limousine with at least four black-tint windows. However, they arrive at the party in a shorter limousine with clear windows.

Continuity mistake: When Owen Wilson goes to the head office to be debriefed, before he has been handed any documents regarding the mission, we see a shot of him which reveals the top of a piece of paper in the bottom of the screen. We cut to the man giving the debriefing, and then quickly back to Owen Wilson to see that his hands are under the table. Where did the paper go? It is in front of him on the table. He gets handed this later on in the scene.

Revealing mistake: The spy contact lenses that Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy use were originally supposed to be for Carlos, but if you notice, the lens that Owen Wilson uses is blue to match his eye colour. Carlos has brown eyes.

Visible crew/equipment: In the Turkish bath scene, when the balcony explodes and the bad guys fall, you can see the edge of the air cushion they fall on for a split second.

Continuity mistake: When Owen Wilson is seducing Famke Janssen, she is in her underwear, and both Owen and Eddie Murphy are in their tuxes from the night before. They all have to leave all of a sudden, but when they do, they're wearing different clothes. When did they have time to change?

Revealing mistake: When Owen Wilson rides in the trunk of the bad guys' car in order to find the airplane, the car passes by a narrow street - and on the left hand side you see a blue Italian "Senso unico" (One Way street sign), revealing that the sequence was shot somewhere in Italy and not in Budapest. (01:09:44)

Rachel: I'm with B.N.S.
Kelly Robinson: Yeah, what's B.N.S. stand for? Bitch that Needs some Slapping?

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Trivia: In the scene right after Eddie Murphy gets in a fight with Owen Wilson and Eddie gets arrested, Owen is walking in an industrial area. While he is walking a "stray" dog runs behind him. I personally know that this dog belongs to the director.

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