The Tuxedo

The Tuxedo (2002)

Ending / spoiler

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Banning plans to poison the world's water supply, forcing people to buy his bottled water. There is no Walter Strider. The "waterstrider" is a type of insect that can walk on water without breaking the water's surface, and is they key to Banning's plan. Jimmy Tong and Del Blaine save the day. The real Clark Devlin survives.

Rohan Weerawardane

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy was in a fight with the mean biker dude, the guy punches and shatters the driver's side window of Jimmy's taxi. After the fight, when Jimmy is driving a woman, the window is perfectly intact.

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Trivia: The bad guy in this movie was a bottled-water magnate. This was Dreamworks' dig at Vivendi, the French water bottler that also owned Universal Studios, Dreamworks' rival.

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Answer: Same issues Q and M have with James Bond.

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