Spider Baby, or The Maddest Story Ever Told
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Elizabeth: Spiders don't eat other spiders.
Virginia: Cannibal spiders do.

Elizabeth: What's it gonna do, Bruno?
Bruno, The Chauffeur: Well, it's gonna it's gonna make a big flash and go bang.
Virginia: Oh boy.

Bruno, The Chauffeur: Just because something isn't good doesn't mean it's bad.

Schlocker: This has gone well beyond the boundaries of prudence and good taste.

Virginia: I caught a big fat bug right in my spider web and now the spider gets to give the bug a big sting. Sting! Sting! Sting! Sting! Sting.

Visible crew/equipment: When Peter rolls up the car window upon arival at the Merry estate, crew members' reflections can be seen in the window.

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