The Crow: City of Angels

Trivia: The original version of the script actually revolved around Sarah being killed and returning to life as a female "Crow."

Trivia: The film as originally intended was longer and more violent, had a non-linear narrative and a much darker ending. The studio forced director Tim Pope to re-edit the film to follow a structure more akin to the first film in order to capitalize on its success and also made him delete a number of key scenes. This lead to he and writer David Goyer disowning the film. The original workprint of the film that represented Pope and Goyer's vision was well over two hours long, as compared to the theatrical cut's anemic 84 minute run-time.

Trivia: The first piece of graffiti Ashe runs past when he returns to his work shop says "Wings", kind of fitting given his resurrection was due to a Crow. Also Sarah has wings tattooed on her back.

Trivia: The studio tried to get famous singer Tori Amos for the role of Sarah, but she disliked the script and turned it down.


Trivia: There was originally a scene explaining that the villain Judah fell through the ice of a frozen river and drowned as a child, and his soul was sent to hell. He was revived by paramedics and came back to life, and became obsessed with the occult after having liked what he saw while in hell. (This also explains his line about how he has "already been there" and "liked what [he] saw" during the final battle when Ashe tells him to "go to hell.").


Trivia: Just an odd little comparison: Richard Brooks plays the villain - a sadistic, mentally unhinged character named "Judah Earl." Six years later, he'd also play a sadistic, mentally unhinged villain in the series "Firefly" with the incredibly similar name "Jubal Early."


Trivia: In one early draft of the script, Judah would use his newly-found powers in the end to resurrect the villains Top-Dollar and Grage from the original film to use as henchmen. This idea was subsequently dropped.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Curve is running away from Ashe, and Ashe has jumped off the car and has gone to his Motorcycle, there is a crew member in black in the lower right hand corner that pushes Ashe's motorcycle so that it looked like he was taking off.


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Kali: Do you know how to fight?
Ashe: Do you know how to die?

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Question: When Ashe tries to get to Judah's home, he makes his way through a celebration celebrating the dead. While making his way through, he appears frightened. Why would he be scared?


Chosen answer: Because the whole coming back from the dead experience is strange, mysterious and scary for him. He had no idea who or what called him back. Is he the only one or was there a whole world of supernatural creatures.

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