Igby Goes Down

Igby Goes Down (2002)


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Sookie: Do you hate my guts?
Igby: For like a month I did. Now you're not even in my top five.

Jason Slocumb: You see it, Igby? I feel this great, great pressure coming down on me. It's constantly coming down on me. It's crushing me.

Igby: It's ironic that the first time in my life that I feel remotely affectionate for her, is when she's dead.
Oliver: You beat up her corpse.
Igby: I know, but after that.

Bunny: Igby, I could just eat you with a spoon.
Igby: Don't.

Igby: She's a dancer who doesn't dance and her friend is a painter who doesn't paint. It's kind of a Boho version of the Island of the Lost Toys.

Sookie: What kind of name is 'Igby'?
Igby: The kind of name that someone named 'Sookie' is in no position to question.

Hockey Player: My ball, cunt-face.

Sookie: You have a huge crush on me, don't you?
Igby: Fuck off.

Igby: How many Vassar professors and intellectual theologians beget nymphomaniacal, pseudo-Bohemian JAPs?
Sookie: I am not a JAP.

Oliver: So we started calling him Igby whenever he lied. And he lied a lot.

Sookie: Dimebag... well that got your attention.
Igby: Pavlov's pothead... I hear the sound of a bong clink and my eyes begin to water.
Sookie: That's funny.

Igby: Well, I guess DH told you.
Mimi: What?
Igby: Well, we've decided to bump all those incredibly prominent and terribly chic persons that you were expecting to speak at your memorial and, well, have me speak for two hours or so.
Mimi: What a clever idea. You do understand though, don't you, that it is customary in a eulogy to at least make reference to the deceased?
Igby: I intend to, Mother... time permitting.

Sookie: My parents were two very idealistic, incredibly bright, narcissists. I was like their vanity project.

Sookie: He's your brother, you act like you hate him.
Igby: I do. I do hate him. He's totally hateable. Evil niblet fuck.

D.H. Banes: Mimi. GET OFF THE maid.

Russell: Anne Frank. Anne Frank. The soldiers are gone. Come out and play.

Igby: You know just because you're dying, I'm not going to apologize. Not for anything that I've ever done.

Mimi: I take it you know that D.H. is your father?
Igby: No.
Mimi: Then I'm really glad I told you.

Sookie: Why aren't you in school now?
Igby: Sheer ingenuity.
Sookie: You're funny.

Continuity mistake: When the spoon falls, 2 globs of the strawberry flavoured poison land on the carpet beside it. When the spoon is seen later, the poison is gone. (00:03:05 - 01:30:10)


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