Continuity mistake: All throughout the movie the back projection does not match the locations they are at.

Continuity mistake: Tom Arnold gets jelly on the front of his shirt in the Hammerman's store, but afterwards when he is in the van with the other guy, the jelly is gone.

Continuity mistake: The black jeep parked next to Daniel is mysteriously gone when Franklin pulls out. No one leaves the store to drive it away.

Continuity mistake: When the kidnapper stops the car because he doesn't have a licence, they are in a corner, but when he moves again, they are in a completely different place.

Continuity mistake: When Tom Arnold pulls over because he realises he doesn't have his licence, he pulls into the spot and stops. Then it cuts to a shot inside the car and you can see out the window that they are still moving and then come to a stop again.

Other mistake: When the kids spray paint the van purple, they somehow paint it in five minutes, and they somehow manage to get not one spot of paint on the windows even though they are outside with a wind because of the moving cars.

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Franklin: Boy you're touchy.
Travis: He's got hemorrhoids, Franklin.
Franklin: You got 'roids?

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