FearDotCom (2002)

Ending / spoiler

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Turns out that the website fear dot com is a ghost site made by one of the "Doctors" first victims who is seeking revenge because people watched her being tortured and murdered. The cop (Stephen Dorff) and health inspector finally track down the doctor and release the spirit of the murdered girl from the website, SHE in turn kills the doctor. Stephen Dorff is killed during the battle.

Plot hole: The dead young girl who wears white has hemophilia (uncontrollable bleeding), and her mother states that she's scared of all sharp metal objects (scissors, etc.), yet she goes to play in an old abandoned steel mill all the time.

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Jeannie: Do you like to watch?

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Trivia: This film was panned by critics. Although it won the "Worst Film" at the 2003 Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards, it also won "Grand Prize of European Fantasy Film in Silver" at 2003 Fantafestival.

Low Cow

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Question: How did that German male die? I would also like to know who made the website.

Answer: The german male died from the hemoraging ebola-like disease that everyone who views the site gets. DOn't know any other way to describe it. As for the who made the website part, I have no idea.

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