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Continuity mistake: When the Jun hoard attack the Emirite village, Dar gets knocked unconscious and his dog starts to drag him away. After Maax arrives, the dog is shown dragging Dar away a second time. Two mistakes are apparent. The dog is pulling on the cloth of his left shoulder in this shot. First, when the dog is pulling, the dog stops to get a better grip on the clothing. When the dog lets go of the clothing, Dar keeps sliding even though the dog isn't pulling. Second, when they show the close-up of Dar, the dog is pulling on his right side, not the left. Then again on his left side and again on his right side. It switches a couple of times.

Continuity mistake: When Dar and the others use a boat to intercept Kiri and her captors, we see them sailing towards the pier, but in the close-up shot they're pulling themselves along a rope which was absent from the earlier shot. (Noted in director's commentary.)

Continuity mistake: In the scene after the Jun horde is defeated, Seth removes the arrow from Tal's right shoulder. The next scene shows Dar sitting outside the house and Seth comes out to talk to Dar. Dar asks Seth, 'How is he?' And Seth answers, 'He won't have the use of his left hand for a while.' He should have said the right shoulder because that's where he got shot with the arrow.

Revealing mistake: The witch grabs a branded iron and burns the baby's hand. Although she is holding it, the hand doesn't move a single inch, revealing it's a prop.

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Continuity mistake: When Dar "adopts" the panther, there's a close-up of him saying "Your name is Grr." Dar's hairstyle is completely different (shorter, fluffier and more like a wig).

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Revealing mistake: When the savages raid the village, one passes a meter away from a woman who cries in pain and turns her head to show a bloody wound. Problem is, he missed her by way too much.

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Factual error: Pretty much everything that the ferrets do, Kodo and Podo, ferrets would NEVER do. Ferrets don't sound like that. Ferrets can't jump that high and that far (when the one attacked minister Zed).

Deliberate mistake: Throughout most of the film the male characters wear leather underwear beneath their sheaths, for censorship purposes. When in actuality there would be no such thing. As the sheath was merely a coverup for the male privates in primitive cultures.

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Suggested correction: The movie is set in a fantasy world. We have no idea what their traditions are concerning clothing.

Revealing mistake: Near the end when Maax holds the dagger over Zed's middle, he tells him to prepare to join his dead son and then slashes him, subjectively in the abdomen. When the camera pulls back there is no blood anywhere on Zed's cloak as Maax goes after Dar, who slays him. And then Maax slumps near Zed's body. But there is no way Zed is dead from a mere slash across the cloak.

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Continuity mistake: The bottom or hem of Kiri's loincloth keeps changing. In some scenes she is wearing only a G-string or thong underneath. Other times she is wearing flesh colored undies.

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Revealing mistake: As Dar is taking a drink from the brook, the camera pans up to reveal a hand draped over a high branch wearing the eye ring. Which opens to spy on Dar. However, its position is looking straight ahead instead of downward, so there is no way it can be projecting Dar's movements to Maax and the witches.

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Other mistake: The head Jud fires an arrow at Tal and the boy goes down. Yet that same Jud does not shoot at Kiri when she runs to Tal's side.


Revealing mistake: When Dar proceeds to walk through the dungeon grates, dozens of spiked arms suddenly poke out and flail dangerously close to shredding his legs. Yet in the far shots they are more than a foot distance from the center of the walkway, to do any real damage to anyone walking through.


Continuity mistake: Tal is downed by an arrow just before the Jud's attack Dar and gang. Seth pulls the arrow out just as the Jud's attack. Then after the battle ends, the gang carries Tal into a hut to remove the same arrow from his chest.


Other mistake: When the hunter throws his cross-x at the witch's backside, the witch screams a second before it even makes a strike sound. And when he goes to pull the cross-x out in the far shot, there is nothing in her back.


Revealing mistake: During closeups of the witch transferring the unborn baby from its mother to the cow's belly, the right eye prosthetic is pulled away and dangling loose, which looks terrible and fake.


Visible crew/equipment: When Dar is on top of a mountain, he swings his sword around, and you can see a semi truck drive by on the road below him.

Continuity mistake: When the Juns go to attack Emir, the way Dar's father's is holding the sword changes between shots. First he's holding it blade towards our right, then to our left. It continues to change between shots.


Continuity mistake: During the bear attack, the bear comes out with blood all over its face, in the next shot, its face is completely clean.


Young Dar's Father: Dar... the gods have put that mark on you, and someday, you'll find out why. 'Til then, this mark will be your guide. My sword and my caber will be your trusted companions. Protect Emur, your home. And if anything should happen to me, look for our enemies, the Juns... and you may search for your destiny in the Valley of Aruk.

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Trivia: The impaled skeletons marking the road towards the city were originally much better, but the better skeletons were accidentally burned in the funeral pyre scene, forcing the filmmakers to use nasty looking rubber ones instead.

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Question: Why did the huge bat-like creatures kill the man that was in their cage but let Dar live?

Answer: The creatures did not eat Dar because the eagle landed on him, showing him as a friend to the eagle. They apparently worship eagles, as also indicated by the talisman they give him.


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